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How to delete all features keeping associated drawings?


How to delete all features keeping associated drawings?

In a large assembly, from a project that was concluded in manufacturing some time ago. I need to do some changes.

The regeneration times are not acceptable for the time I have to do the job.


I pretend to get "dumb solids", get the geometry whithout features.

I was able to do this exporting to neutral and reimporting. Doing this I kept: Geometry, anotations, parameters, layers and datums.

Nice, the only thing I missed was the associated drawings, I have to redo several hundred of drawings if I choose this way.


Is there any way to clean up model history maintaning drawings?



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Have you looked at the collapse command under "editing" on the Model tab?  I believe this will allow you to keep the part's geometry but remove all the features, leaving like a "dumb solid" or neutral file import.  I'd imagine your drawing will loose any shown dimensions, but I would hope that most of it would be fine.  I haven't actually used this before, but it seems like what you are looking for.

It is not reversible, however.  If you think you'll need the featured model again, back it up somewhere.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Collapse is great for that. I tested and works great, but...

I found two problems:

1 - I can't do that in a assembly, I have to do it part by part. Since this is a solution that I need to do it in a very large assembly, due to performance/regeneration problems, this will take me too much time to do it anyway.

2 - It can't be done in family tables, and I have a lot...

In other software that we use, this is a one click operation: We select top-level assembly->RMB->"Reset History"->"Sure?" -> Done

From there direct edit tools, but keeping linked and updated drawings.

At this point, why not just snapshot all the views?

23-Emerald II

I would just export drawings to autocad. Eliminate the crappy Creo drawing since it's really not associative to the real models anyway.

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