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I7 and pro engineer


I7 and pro engineer

I have a 32bit I7 machine. I would like to know if I can assign a single cpu just for pro e? Would it make for better stable performance?



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I have spent weeks testing this very thing on my personal GC workstation.
(in preparation for Configure, Sale, and Advice to my Professional
Workstation Clients)
To answer your first question... Yes and No. I don't know of a way to
get Pro/E to launch to a single CPU core automatically every time you
startup, However, After Pro/E is launched, you can open the Task Manager,
find the xtop.exe process, Right Click, and Set Affinity to assign it to a
specific core.
For your second question... No, it doesn't make much difference. (at
lease on my GC systems. It may be different on others.)
During testing I would run for a week or so setting the xtop process to a
single core with Hyper-Threading enabled. Then another week or so with
Hyper-Threading disabled, then just let windows manage the processes and
Hyper-Threading off... and then with Hyper-Threading on again. I also ran
several OCUS test during each scenario along with my daily normal use of
Pro/E, E-mail, Web, FTP transfers, internet radio, Word and Excel stuff,

In the end, I found that the OCUS scores were all within about 10% of each
other. (sometimes faster, sometimes slower, with no real rhyme or reason).
and in general the overall daily machine performance seemed better when I
just let Windows do its thing...

That's been my experience. Maybe someone else has observed otherwise...

Good Luck

Bernie Gruman
Owner / Designer / Builder

I concur with Bernie, and I have run the same tests (and other tests) myself.

Genrally, Hyper-threading "off" slightly improves performance and stability.

While ProE is predomiately single-threaded, from monitoring Windows Task Manager, I see that there is some indication that opening very large assemblies benefit (a little) from multiple CPU cores.

I have never been able to show a configuration where ProE is able to exercise Intel's "Turbo Boost" mode, where the CPU automatically overclocks by a multiplier or two.


Along these lines could someone explain to me why it is that Pro-e Hovers
at 27% CPU usage during regen cycles or pulling up large assemblies ? Why
does it not do a 100% CPU grab ? I don't get it

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27% cpu usage sounds like a situation with a quad-core cpu (or dual core, Hyperthreading "on").I don't undrestand how/why Windows sends xtop to the different cores, but the totalcpu usage endsup being 100% of a single core equivalent.

I am running:

windows 7 pro 64 bit

Xeon quad core E5507 2.27GHz

6 Gig Ram

Wildfire 4.0 M170

If I resume suppressed features it is really slow, I will watch the CPU Usage and the Memory in Windows Task Manager. CPU goes as high as 25% and the Memory 1.79Gb. It sure seems like their is a lot of resources not being used.

This computer is dedicated to running Pro E and nothing else, I have a second computer for running office applications.

Look at this TPI to see how to use perfmon to determine exactly how much memory ProE is using.
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