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Machining time


Machining time

Hello all,

how do you do for have a machining time who is close to the reality?

thanks for your help or remark,


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I've had similar questions before. Didn't really get any answers, but did a lot of digging and found a way to at least calculate drilling cycles more accurately. Here's a link to the discussion, which was basically me talking to myself.


The estimated machining times in Creo are terrible. Given that it is such a powerful program I don't understand why they haven't tried to make it more accurate. All other systems that I've used have given options for spindle ramp up and ramp down time and rapid accel and decel.

In order to get my time in the "ballpark" I had to adjust my tool change time to over double what it is at the machine, and I have my rapids set at 300 ipm for a machine with 1100 ipm rapids. This still only gives me a very rough estimate since it really depends on the lengths of my rapid moves.

Heres to hoping Creo 3 has some of these features....

I haven't figured that out either. From what I can tell, the Process Manager is pretty much useless as far as cycle time calculations. It seems that I can create a 180 minute roughing cycle, double the DOC, double the IPM and still have a 180 minute roughing cycle.

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No , not even close

I do turning of big daimeter peices ( 900-1200mm) , and while ever Creo won't calculate the chuck speed when using CSS, it won't calculate an actural time correctly.

my predercessor used to try to calculate tool paths, so we could time the program, and each time we run the path, even without altering anything, we got wild time calculation that was never the same.

I have vericut, it is proving to be very accurate at calculating cycle time for me, one job was within 3 second of the real cycle time, most time within about 20 sec on a 15 min job

I always blamed the Accel Deccel of our controls for the time discrepency

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