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We recently purchased a Mori-Seiki NL2000 Mill-turn lathe. I have tried
to use a lathe post that came with Wildfire4.0 but there is no output
for live tooling. I want to mill a square pocket in the end of a piece
of barstock with this lathe. Can someone help?

Byron Taylor

Danfoss Commercial Compressors
One Scroll Drive
Arkadelphia, AR 71923

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5-Regular Member

Hi Byron,
We used WF3.0 and had Austin NC's gpost. If you open the OFG inside Pro-Man you can select a new post configuration for a millturn lathe X,Z,C and configure the post to get the correct output. You will need to have a manufacturing file open also.
Here's the downside. You will be creating 2 or 3 posts. 1 is a regular turning post, the 2nd is for milling/drilling axially along the Z axis off the centerline and the 3rd is for milling/drilling radially along the X axis. Drilling and boring on Z centerline is done with the regular turning post.
The 2 milling posts are set as merged posts inside the OFG. Austin NC has a newer way to create merged posts outside the OFG but I'm not familiar with it. It's in their documentation but the explanation left me baffled.
You will need to budget some money to work with Austin or an outside consultant, unless you have some good people with time on their hands.
I will be happy to offer any assistance I can. We used 2 Daewoo Puma 300M mill-turn lathes. We did not have Y axis capability. Our posts were created by an outside consultant and are extremely customized. I have had to make several changes to our posts, so I'm somewhat familiar with what it might take, although I'm no expert. Feel free to call me.

Jay Crook
Norse Dairy Systems
(614) 421-5235

G-Post has a machine tool type setting for a Mill-Turn these days and does
not require that you build multiple posts any longer (Merging Posts). On
the Machine Tool Type screen choose the last type "1 Rotary/1 Radial" and
check the box that says "Mill Turn Mode is available. This adds a tab that
allows you to configure all the turning things. This new post type makes
the multiple merging posts obsolete.

Fred Nemecek
Austin N.C., Inc.
512/458-1112 x119