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Models detailed and simplified


Models detailed and simplified


I'm looking for feedback from user thathave similar functionality in their projects.

I would like to have bellow case scenarios:

- In manufacturing projects I would like to have detailed models to be manufactures in CAM

- In the projects sent to customer I would like simplify the models to avoid the IP geometry

- For catalogues where I would like to different way of simplification or hide the moldes in drawings

I still bilieve the Simplify Representation is the best solution but I found also other method like:

- Use family table to simplify geometry to show it IP to the customer or catalogue

- Use flexibility to hide geometry or components

- Create separatly models with no link (2 different models with no connection: one is detail and another one is a model with no geometries)

Do you have this situation like before one where for a model representation I need all the details to be used in CAM for different representation i need models to hide the intelectual properly.

What is the best solution for previous mothods or if tehre are more.


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Hi Everybody,

I really need a solution for bellow scenario:

- I have a CAD model with all the details. This model it's used in manufacturing to have proper drawings and models to generate the CNC

- On the other side the customer required to have the models but the Inlectial propely is not supposed to be send to Customer. Some of the models are required to be simplified but not like Shwrinkwrap and filled all the holes or having on block.

Do you have any solution for having one model or assembly with the options of having detail or simplified view?



That is the purpose of shrinkwrap. Of course, you want to export the file in some other format than the native Creo files.

I have often run into this requirement and I do not find Pro|E to be easy about this. Shrinkwrap has always been a non-intuitive challenge and for the most part, I simply created a model in the assembly using the assembly's references. Depending on the complexity, this can be done in relatively short order with extrudes and revolves. typically, the customer only required critical interfaces and and overall envelope.

shrinkwrap usually doesn't work very well:

1. sbould be able to change the models, rotate them when are imported in a different software.

2. most of the time the when shrinkwrap is generate the surface is broken and solid cannot be generated

3. Detailed and simplify should be as a model (having 2 different models is not a good solution). any change should be reflected in both. I know that shrinkwrap is working but having a blok for the entire project is not a solution + it's difficult to simplify them (sometime some holes required to be excluded, some of them no, some other geometry required to be removed sometimes

4. I was tried to use simplify representation but the issue for this when there are features at the assembly level this doesn't work anymore. Havin a simplify representation at the part level is not intersected if the assembly have assembly cuts.

5. Also what we need is teh WT part structure should work properly for BOM.

See some pic. I 'll bring more pics


I fully understand what you are saying. I do not know of a good way to maintain associativity.

My consideration is to put your last assembly level into a temporary assembly.

Create a new part you want to represent your simplified part into this assembly.

Create curves from cross section in this new assembly level.

Make the simplified rep part (just a part file) active.

Now create your features based on the assembly section curves using project in the part's sketches.

Yes, convoluted indeed. And no, it is not something I would, or even could manage in the long term.

However, careful planning in the part stages could allow you to make a family table part that would become a simplified rep. You can then turn off features as long as the assembly constraints of subsequent features are not compromised. Even flexible components in the assembly can accomplish this. Regardless, you have to maintain 2 assemblies even if they are in the same file.

This is indeed a lot more work than one typically bargains for in the planning of a project. I do not know of a specific answer although I have seen a PTC demonstration that has successfully done this.

There is an option also using flexibility. At a higher assembly using flexibility can be used to simplify geometry. somobody used this approach?

Using flexibility means that most of teh standard models required to have a flexibility at a higher level.

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