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Molding question?


Molding question?

Good morning,
I am slowly getting into more mold designs and realize that most of my
calculations for runners and gating size is passed down to me from past
experience from more experience mold designers. Are there formulas that I
can use to figure out runners and gate size for parts that are easy to
figure? Or of any books that I can get that will help explain this more
easily? I would really appreciate it.


Son Nguyen

108 W. 2nd Street
Assaria, Kansas 67416

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There is an excellent but old book called Injection Mould Design by R G W
Pye (ISBN 0-582-01611-8), but I am not sure if it is still in print.
It gives you the empirical relationships for the gate and runner sizes in
both metric and imperial sizes. They are however empirical and experience
soon takes over!

The relationships are not so that I could quickly summarize them for you as
there are constants that come off graphs but if you are stuck email me off
forum and I'll see what I can do.

Best regards


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