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Possible accuracy issue - need help!!!!


Possible accuracy issue - need help!!!!

To all, I have a user that is simply creating an object like the one below.


When he goes to complete the extrusion, it will not allow him to make the depth any less than .239???


He gets the following error gui in Creo:



I cannot reproduce the issue on my machine. I can make it as thin as the accuracy which is .0012.


Any help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks. Creo 2.0 M090

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Is his accuracy also .0012? And absolute (not relative)?

Hey Matt, yes his is also .0012 relative. This is the default accuracy of our start part.

Is it the same release?

Are the units the same?

Is it the same start part?

Are the and config.sup the same?

Does he have a Youtube account where he posts hidden camera videos?

Are there other features in the model (curves, imports, etc.) that drive the model size prior to the extrusion?

With the extrude and without the extrude, how does his model size compare to the one on your computer and are they the same units? Tools tab -->Investigate pulldown --> Model Size.


I personally suggest that you rebuild your part, as a matter of fact ,you are bound to be successful. I just sketched this feature by means of the unit both inch and mm, I were successful just now. Moreover, we have the same accuracy level. I come from China.

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