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Roughing cutter width of cut?


Roughing cutter width of cut?

have a couple of high feed inserted end mills that say I can use up to the full cutter width for cutting, But using the roughing sequence in Pro/Manufacturing will only let you less than half the cutter width for a step over value. anyone have a work around for this issue? I don't know why they would limit you only less than half the cutter.

roughing step over.JPG

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I also dislike this limitation. The only way around it that I have found is using volume roughing

It's like binding 2 legs of a race horse then tell it to go as fast as you can.

As a programmer I try to remove as much material as fast as possible. Then have the machine operator cut the feeds by 50 percent at the machine. Crazy!!

That i do have a solution for if your machine has it. I found a M code that disables the feed overide switch on our Mori. I usually put it in after the first few passes, the operator has no idea

No thanks Nick,

That was just an analogy for the half cutter width thing. My operator has saved my butt more than once from me being too aggressive with speeds and feeds with the override switches.


Hello Steve

I often use the roughing sequence and I think that your limitation is due to the fact that you use CONSTANT_LOAD for the OPEN_AREA_SCAN and CLOSED_AREA_SCAN. You can change it to TYPE_SPIRAL or FOLLOW_CONTOUR and you will be able to use more than the tool radius.

I hope this helps you

Olivier COUPAT

I think this might depend on which version / date code your running.

We actually use Creo element Pro 5 datecode M120 but I use this option till Wildifire 3.

Here is the result with end mil of diameter 3 mm and STEP_OVER of 2.5 mm and FOLLOW_CONTOUR type



Thank you for the reply. I understand I can do the full width with follow contour. but with high feed cutters I would like to maintain a constant chip load as reccomended by the tool manufacturer. The follow contour, spiral and other options do not maintain a constant chip load and can destroy inserts and cutter bodies in 1 sharp corner if you aren't carefull.

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