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Shrinking entire model


Shrinking entire model

I believe you can do this in pro casting but we don't have that. Does anybody know of a way to shrink an entire model. We have some models that we are having molds made for. I have been asked to shrink a whole model 1%.

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You can use the Edit/Scale Model in the part.

Create a custom unit of measure to shrink the amount you want it and check
the function to change the model. Then convert the model back to a standard
unit of measure but tell it to keep the model the current size.

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Maybe you should have a look to the warp feature. There is one that can be used to scale a model, with the advantage that your shrinkage is in a feature.

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I don't know about creating a custom unit of measure to scale the model,
but you really need Tool Design Option (TDO)

This will (among other things) allow you to have a 'real' shrink factor
feature that scales about the barycenter or origin, and allows you to
family table the x,y,and z shrink factors. It also scales any imported
surface features as well. For our uses, the family table capability is
a must as we have one part model with all instances included. TDO will
also allow you to create silhouette edges, 'skirt surfaces' (fixed twist
sweeps) and allow for copy-geom import. At the assembly level, TDO will
allow you to create die stacks, split lines, parting surfaces,
shut-offs, etc...

The 'scale' function normally included is crap. It one-time scales all
of the linear dims by the factor and is not family-table friendly. Any
non-dimensioned features (like imported surfaces) so not get scaled.

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