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Transparent colors within Technology colors?


Transparent colors within Technology colors?

Hi everybody,

Anybody knows how to add transparent colors to the technology colors?

Best regards Clement

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Hello Clement,

What version are you working with?

This functionality is available in the latest releases EMX9 M012 and in EMX8 M026 or higher.

Simply edit the file color_definition.cfg in the configuration folder.

You can add a 4th coloum for each technology color between 0 and 1 to set up the transparency.


Regards Thomas

Kind Regards
Thomas Schneyer
B&W Software GmbH

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for your answer.

We´re using EMX9 M010...

I just updated tha color definition file per your suggestion and it does not work.

I guess we need an update of the EMX then. Could you provide us with an update? M012...

Kind regards