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Wildfire 5 Menu Font Problems


Wildfire 5 Menu Font Problems

I am running WF5 m060 on a Lenovo W510 Portable Workstation, which is a PTC certified machine. I am running Windows 7. It' s a new machine Dec 2010.

My screen res is 1920 x 1080.

I am having a font problem wherein the choices in some of my pull down menus are spaced out too much. This makes the menu longer than it otherwise would be. This is especially problematic for the EDIT menu, which has the most choices. It's so long that it extends well past my screen height. This means I have to scroll up and down to see all the menu choices within the EDIT menu.

Has anyone seen this before and have a clue as to the problem?

I have tried setting fonts_size to small, but all this does is shrink the fonts, but the extra large space between each menu item is maintained, so the menu doesn't actually get any shorter.

I have the same screen res at my work desktop and have no issues with the menu item spacing.


What font does Pro/E use natively? According to the help file it uses the font set up in Windows. However, I can't determine what font this is. How do I determine this. If I look in the control panel under fonts, I just see a list of fonts with no indication that one or another is the "default font."


Some ideas I have is that one of the Aero themes I am using is somehow not playing well with ProE. I have turned the Aero theme off by selecting a basic Windows theme and restarting. The only thing this does is make ProE look horrible on my screen but the menu item spacing problem remains.

I'll attach a jpg showing how spaced out the menus are.

Thank you.

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