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how to start a mold design?

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how to start a mold design?

How to start a mold design, please any one explain with proper ppt or video


Have you checked the PTCU Learning Exchange? There are a lot of videos showing basic functionality.

Here is one about Moldesign: Tutorial: Mold Design in creo

Hi Gunter,

I have gone through the learning exchange tutorial for mold and browsed the forum for best tools for step by step process for plastic injection, sand cast, and die cast and at this point I am more confused. Learning Exchange Tutorial gives an overview that follows a general sequence but it's not telling me which process they are referring to as far as die cast or plastic injection etc. Once the tutorial get into detail on the commands or tools I lose any step by step process that I was looking for. I understand different companies probably have their own mold process and techniques depending on if it's a complex assembly or just parts. So I think I am searching for a industry step by step process that can work with creo3 mold. If you or anyone know of any industry standards to follow or step by step cheat sheet  that coincide with creo would help.

Tx's Ed


I just saw the tutorial. When you try to reproduce the technics you make a lot of strategic Errors.

1. The shrinkage should not use the coordinatesystem of the assembly.

2. The dimensions of the workpiece where not rounded, okay it`s a fast demo!

3. the Loops of the shilouette curve can be selected in the graphic window.

4. the Splitting in two volumes looks easy and fast, but causes parent-child-Relations that can make a lot of trouble when the split fails after modifications

One-Volume-splits are better.

5. The Waterline should be used as a part Feature. The Pattern was completly starnge. This could be done in one sketch in Addition with modifications of end-conditions. Why did they hide this nice Option? In Addition, the Waterline can be done with EMX with the Placement of components.

6. Ejectorpinholes was far away from real live and should only Show the function

7. Moldopening: The explode state can be done much easier with the normal Tools. The Moldopening is for checking interfearence with reference part and other cavities. Therefore you should always use small values for the opening! Otherwise the increments are to big and will not detect a collision.

By the way: Creo 3.0 has some new Features for parting surfaces and 3d thickness check. 3d thickness was allready available in Wildfire. the graphics where improved now!


Video Link : 7403


May this help you.


a step-by-step guide with open access to the first chapter

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