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I am trying to install Mathcad 15. Installation fails because of a problem with the MSI file?


I am trying to install Mathcad 15. Installation fails because of a problem with the MSI file?

I have installed Mathprime 6.0. When I try to install Mathcad 15, I get the message about an error encountered during the MSI installation. When I close this message window, the installation window then gives a message about Mathcad 15 installation is complete. The window with "Installation Progress" in the upper right corner says that the installation is complete. I had gotten an email that is shown below:
Feb 22, 2021, 9:25 PM (23 hours ago)
to me

Attached, please find your requested license file for Mathcad, which enables you to run the Mathcad application.
If necessary, you can now complete the installation and licensing process with this file.

Save this file to any location (e.g. c:/temp or any other location of your choosing). Please be sure to remember where you saved the
file since you will need to reference it later. The file must be on the same hard drive as your installation of Mathcad. When you attempt
to launch Mathcad, you will be asked to specify the path to this file.

Please do not open the attached file through your email application as that can corrupt the file. Be sure to save it to disk before opening
or unzipping it.

For all future licensing requests please use the Mathcad Installation & Licensing Support Center:


The PTC Licensing Team

The attached file has a name "sw_license_email_5143704.dat".

What do I do next?




  1. Save the newly received license file on your system, any location (for example: C:\temp)
  2. Then, go to Mathcad 15.0 installation directory (Default Location: C:\Program Files(x86)\Mathcad\Mathcad 15)
  3. Open mclicense folder, then locate and launch mclicense.exe, this would bring up Mathcad License Setup window
  4. Select “I want to configure Mathcad to use an existing license file” and click Next

User-added image

6. Select “Use a license file” and click on the circled button shown below

User-added image


7. In the Open dialogue box browse and select the saved license file and then click on open (Note: change the file type to All files, if required)

8. Click on Next > Finish

Using Environment Variable:


  • Set system environment variable with the name PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE and the value Path of license file


Above steps are valid only if installation is successfully completed. If installation had failed due to error "The install was unsuccessful because of the following serious errors: Mathcad Configuration A problem was encountered during the MSI installation" then follow below instructions:


Option 1:

  • Make sure Mathcad installer package downloaded from PTC website is unzipped or extracted completely before installation
  • If not, reinstall again after proper unzip process

Option 2:

  • Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) (file name: vcredist_x86.exe) from Microsoft website
  • Download and install MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 (file name: msxml.msi) from Microsoft website
  • Start installation again & reboot the machine once if it displays same error 

Option 3:

  • Open Mathcad installer package or download image or installation CD & run Mathcad15WixInstaller.msi from mathcad folder to complete the installation

Option 4:

  • If above options don't work, try downloading Mathcad 15.0 from PTC Download Center again

Mathcad 15 is working.  I tried all the options but every time I got to towards the end of the installation process, I got the message about the missing MSI file, and then after closing that window, the next window would say that Mathcad was installed.  But, there was no shortcut shown so I did not think that the installation was available.  Just before writing this response, I went to check in the Program Files folders for Mathcad.  I found the Mathcad 15 application file, and started it.  Well, Mathcad 15 worked.  Thanks for the help.