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License problem


License problem

I've been having trouble with my mathcad license since I got it from you.
Is not possible to activate the program correctly, I had this trial version.
I'm considering buying the student license for a month because I need it for an univ assignment.

But because of the license trouble with activating the product I'm feeling doubtful.

Can you help me in some way?

I've been trying to fix an account with both my school mail and private mail.
school mail is, private is this one.

Program only says "maximum license..."
Been trying to uninstall etc, same message gets there anyway.



Accepted Solutions

Article - "Error "you have reached the maximum number of license files available for your license type" while retrieving the license online for Mathcad": 

Yes, thats how it looks, but your link dosent give me any help. 
Do you have any contact person likewise? None of contact phone numbers are working. 
Calling from sweden. 

Im just"scared" that i will pay for a full version and then it will not work anyways. 

Going to as suggested in the resolution section didn't help?


Actually, is it a correct reading of your opening post that you're trying to install the Mathcad 30-day trial twice on the same machine (this won't work, even with two different email addresses), and you haven't yet purchased the student edition?

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