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The Latest in PTC Mathcad Prime 10 (webinar)

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On April 9, 2024, 11:30 Eastern Time, PTC presented "The Latest in PTC Mathcad Prime 10". During the 28-minute webinar, PTC Mathcad product manager Andy McGough shows the new enhancements coming to Mathcad Prime 10, including Advanced Controls with scripting & choice of solving algorithms. There were also some brief bullet points at what's to come for future Mathcad Prime releases.

Mathcad Prime 10 will be available for release and download later by April 23, 2024.

Watch the webinar on-demand here!


While you wait for the webinar, check out our teaser blog of what's new in Mathcad Prime 10:

Webinar happens in two hours!


While there won't be live, vocalised Q&A, there will still be a question box on the webinar console, and we'll be monitoring that and answering questions as we're able to during the half hour via text responses.

The webinar was a fun time. Replay should be up on by the end of the week.


Marketing will tell you that Mathcad Prime 10 is available April 23, 2024. That's when will be updated and we'll send an email out to our database saying as much.

Some customers may find the software available for download right now on the PTC Software Download site. I myself just did.

The webinar replay is already available on! 🙂

If you want to read additional thoughts from Andy the product manager, check out this interview:


Also, Mathcad Prime 10 is very officially available now (April 23). The 30-day free trial is also Prime 10-ified.

Please feel free to share any thoughts about the new release on PTC Community. We're eager to hear your feedback.
...Especially on the new Advanced Controls.

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