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What's New In PTC Mathcad Prime 9

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PTC Mathcad Prime 9 is available for download right now (March 7 to 14).


PTC has provided a by-the-facts blog of the major new and enhanced areas of functionality at this blog post.


In addition, you can watch the replay of our April 4, 2023 webinar featuring PTC Mathcad product manager Andy McGough. Andy provided demos and commentary on the new functionality, a brief update on the PTC Mathcad Prime development roadmap, and he took your questions! (Moderated by yours truly.)


If you want to hear a portion of what Andy McGough has to say about PTC Mathcad Prime 9, we published his reasons why you should upgrade to the new version in a quick chat. Whether you're a legacy Mathcad user, already a Mathcad Prime user, or new to Mathcad altogether, PTC Mathcad Prime 9 has exciting features you'll love.


Has the bug that drops the math blocks out of copied text blocks been fixed in version 9? That would be my main reason to want to update, as it is a serious productivity killer. (See )

If the text blocks and embedded Excel regions would reliably not overlap each other that would be another reason.

@CH_10444639  this is an issue that PTC is aware of and we are working on a technical support article to address it.

We are also actively working with Microsoft on a resolution because it's an issue with .NET.

Edit: I know you've seen this already, but for anyone else browsing, here is the technical support article:

For the vast majority of you reading this (assuming you are on subscription or support agreement), PTC Mathcad Prime 9 is now available for download. PTC Mathcad Prime 9 is also available for new purchases.


I've updated the post to now include a few words from our product manager, Andy McGough, on why you should choose PTC Mathcad Prime 9. You can hear a lot more from him (and ask him direct questions!) in the upcoming webinar.

The webinar just ended; I'll let y'all know when the replay is available. Thanks to those that attended!

The webinar replay is now live on, and we'll be emailing that fact to all registrants shortly. It's at the same URL as the initial live registration in the opening post.

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