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Bringing mathcad calculation into word calculation report


Bringing mathcad calculation into word calculation report


as for now im still working with mathcad 15 and now i have the problem that i can only copy every mathcad calculation site into word by marking everything and paste in as a bitmap because new word versions doesnt recognise the calculation format properly. So i need to work with an old ms office version.

Is there a solution?

Is the new Prime 4.0 now a good alternative to the good but old mathcad 15?

Thx Stefan

23-Emerald II

Did an old MsWord version ever 'recognise the calculation format' of Mathcad?

I don't recall such functionality.

You can have your Mathcad sheet embedded as an (OLE) object in an MsWord document, and it might calculate properly, but that is due to the fact that Mathcad still is in control of the embedded object. However in this case the presentation of the calculation sheet in Word is badly controlled.

To have full control of what you present in the document copy and paste as bitmap.

In Prime 4 what I find is that you can select multiple regions of the sheet, then paste them into the word document. They will be pasted as RTF (no other 'paste as' options are available, so you cannot even past as bitmap.). Since you cannot edit the RTF structures, the results won't 'calculate'.



Ok thx,

the problem with bitmap is the poor quality of the formulas.

The extended metafile has a better quality but this is not working :-(.

But what that OLE is i need to look for

I recognised that the file format Picture (EMF) is the best possibility.

No other format seems to work correctly

Hello Stefan

I do it with paste standard windows metafile:




Hey, hmm i dont get it right now how to do it 😞

In the attached Word-document you will find more instructions and, because I applied the macro, it should be stored in the document and it should become visible to you.



Best thx. You helped me alot 🙂

hmm i dont see a makro in this wordx file?

I make pictures from Mathcad-sheets and insert its into Word!

Thx i solved the problem with this makro code:

Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=wdPasteMetafilePicture, _

        Placement:=wdInLine, DisplayAsIcon:=False

Bitmap is too bad quality

The perfect format seems to be Picture (EMF)

i do it with

Strg + E