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Can some one help me fix my single user Mathcad 15 license problem?


Can some one help me fix my single user Mathcad 15 license problem?

I have a single user Mathcad 15 license. I uninstalled Mathcad 15 from my old computer and installed it on my new computer. Every few days I get a message "sw_license_email_1173070.dat does not exist." It asks me if I want to open the license wizard? I say yes and I supposedly get a new license except the file never appears and a few days later I get the same message. I have a file sw_license_email_1826767 that was apparently created when I installed Mathcad 15, but that is not the file being searched for. Apparently I am limited to online help. I have tried creating a new license file, but the hostid format always seems to be wrong. Various places have said it is the C: drive serial number or the MAC address of he ethernet adapter, but the format is always rejected as wrong without telling what the right format is. Apparently you cannot get technical help without a maintenance contract. I am not trilled about paying a software company extra to fix its bugs.


Hi ,

Its not easy to find the info , but can be done.

first go to the TS Suggested Techniques: Determining a Machine's HOST ID - page to get the cupid tool.

That will allow you the determine the host ID that you need the new license for and (optionally) for the machine that you are moving the license from.

Armed with that starting on the PTC home page select the support tab and then the license management option.

at this point you may need to login - it should be the same as your login for the forum.

Select PTC Mathcad from the table & it will give you a number of options to choose from.

select "reconfigure software licenses"

If you don't have the old HostID then click browse all server & it should pop up with the current license info

After that you will need to enter the new Host ID, confirm that the old software is deleted & no longer useable ... (don't want to go this far into the process in case I go too far for my machine ;D )

and you should then get the new license info through E-mail

If you still don't have the old machine Host ID then you can try the "Retrieve existing license packs" option ,

Hope this helps,

I've done it once for a colleague, as he didn't have a PTC account & had no problem.

for another of our company licenses (it hadn't been installed) we had great difficulty ( the maintenance contract had lapsed) & had to contact the vendor - Root Solutions Ltd. (they were very helpful & got the license pack to us within 3 days.)



Thanks for the information. I tried the solution, but the system said I did not have permission to "reconfigure software Licenses" or "Retrieve existing license packs". I have a student academic license and I could access "reconfigure software licenses" a few days ago when i didn't have the right host id. When you access the web page through Mathcad 15 you get a lot of script errors. I may end up in the position of having to pay PTC to fix their bugs. I seem to be in the no human help no permission twilight zone. The answer appears correct except for the PTC permission bugs.

Sorry to hear that it didn't help.

The process is quite complex .

As always, PTC is ready to help (for a price!!)

If you use academic license for Mathcad then try to submit a support request by fill the following form: Academic Support Request | PTC Academic Program | PTC