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Conditioned Loop


Conditioned Loop

Final goal is to output a Graph with X and Y values.


I am having problems with the generation of the Y values. The Y values depend on weather an initial value is "Yes" or "No" under the variable Assembly.


I would like to replace matrix B and C for a single matrix that will take into account the Matrix called Assembly. 


If you look at both examples, SW-1 and SW-3, you will notice that matrix B depends on weather Assembly starts with a "Yes" or a "No". Matrix C is simply the cumulative addition of matrix B.


I was thinking of creating a Loop that starts with Matrix ShearWall.Gap and applies the multiplication ShearWall.Gap0 times (v.shearwall-v.diaphragm) if Assembly is "Yes" or -ShearWall.Gap0 times (v.diaphragm) if Assembly is "No" and then continue doing what Matrix B and C are doing. Stack the C values and be able to graph them.


Thanks for any of your input.

23-Emerald III

You can use a condition in a calculation:


B:= (Assembly="yes")*3+(Assembly="no")*7


Will make B be 3 when Assembly equals "yes",

will make it 7 when Assembly equals "no",

will produce an error when Assembly is undefined

and will make B be 0 when Assembly has any other value.


Of course you can prevent that last situation with:

B:= (Assembly="yes")*3+(Assembly=/="yes")*7

(where =/= is the 'unequality' symbol).



Hi Luc,


If I understand correctly, I think this would be a good way to start a loop. I believe I need a loop because Assembly can vary in the number of inputs in its matrix e.g. Assembly can have three "Yes" and two "No" or 10 "Yes" and nine "No". And it can start with either a "Yes" or a "No".


I am uploading the file again. Example SW - 1a has the graph correctly. SW - 1b has the intended B Matrix and C Matrix where the intention is to do what SW - 1a does. SW - 2 is another possibility of the inputs for Assembly.

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