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Downloaded mathcad prime 5,o student version but no files in folders


Downloaded mathcad prime 5,o student version but no files in folders

I recently purchased Mathcad 5.0 for students.  It downloaded fine.  However, it did not put an icon on my home screen or the start menu. When I checked in the program folders, PTC>Mathcad Prime>bin>pim>xml is all I get.  The xml is just text.  Within Program Files (x86), it loaded PTC>Mathcad PDSi and nothing else.


Any idea what's wrong?


You sure should get an icon on the desktop and an entry "PTCMathcad" in the start menu.


Its normal that in "Program Files\PTC\Mathcad Prime\bin" all you find is an xml file. But you should have a lot of other subdirectories in "Program Files\PTC\Mathcad Prime" besides the "bin" dir and if you are looking for the binaries, then you should find them (a lot of dll files and the "MathcadPrime.exe") directly in "Program Files\PTC\Mathcad Prime\".


If the installation failed on your machine you may try contacting PTCs academic support. Be aware that this can take a lot of patience and effort, though. PTC is not an easy company and sure not a company you'd like to deal with.


Thank you very much. And, I have already experienced the frustration of trying to work with them.

Thank you.  Unfortunately the folders I referenced are all that is there.  I attempted to try and uninstall and reinstall but just the diagnostics files are present.  Nothing else in the Mathcad 5.0 folder.  I attempted to contact PTC but have been unsuccessful. Glad (not really) to understand this is normal practice for the company.

From al we read here, PTC support real seems to be a challenge - beginning with finding out how to contact them.

In the past @VladimirN  was quite helpful in providing the appropriate contact data - may he can be of help here.


As I understand there is no error message during installation - the installation simply aborts without doing its job, right? Or does it even claim that the installation was successful?

Did you try downloading the installation file again - just to be sure? I guess you may even download the free Express version - it should be the very same and expands to the full version when provided with a valid license file.

Guess you are using Windows 10!?

Yes it acted like it complete the install yet there were no working files downloaded. Since my last remark, tech support called. He was very patient for 1.5hrs and finally got it working. He had to connect to my machine and perform a separate download.

Thanks so much for the help!

Thanks for the help.  Tech support called and helped by using Webex to connect to my machine and download from there location the missing files.  It may have been a result of Microsoft Defender setting but not sure.  And yes, Windows 10.


Thanks again

Glad you are up and running!

So this time no reason for PTC-support bashing 😉


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