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HELP NEEDED: Conversion of .MCD (Mathcad 2000i) Files


HELP NEEDED: Conversion of .MCD (Mathcad 2000i) Files

I need to convert some old .mcd files that I created with Mathcad 2000i about 15 years ago, but I do not have access to any version of Mathcad other than the current Mathcad Prime Express.


The conversion utility that comes with Mathcad Prime will not recognize this format, and requires that you use Mathcad 15 to convert them. I cannot find any way to obtain Mathcad 15.


I would like to send the files to someone here who can perform the conversion for me, if they would be so kind.


As it looks like PTC is not offering the 30-day evaluation version of Mathcad 15 anymore for download, you may post the files here and maybe someone will be willing to do the conversions for you.


EDIT: Looks like

still works for downloading Mathcad 15.

Give ist a try.


I hate to make this more complicated than it already is, but is there some reason I cannot install Mathcad 15 under Windows 10, running in a Parallels virtual machine on my Mac?


Oddly enough, I had zero difficulties installing Mathcad Prime 4.0 in the same configuration, but the Mathcad 15 install seemingly works, until it throws an error message with very little information.


I'm going to dust off my Windows 10 laptop and see if I can get it to work there.



It's apparently a WIndows 10 issue wrt Mathcad 15. I got the same error on my Windows 10 laptop when I tried to install there.

Not sure what the problem on your side may be, but there are a lot of people here running MC15 under Win10 without any problems.

Find attached the two converted files - you posted one of them twice.




Ditto to Werner. Original files, MC15 files, MC15 to Prime 4.0 files.


You can attach the archive with the old Mathcad files and we will convert them for you.

There are three. They are all similar but not identical, and I need the data in each.


Thank you in advance.


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