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Help!! File corrupted during saving (MC15.0)


Help!! File corrupted during saving (MC15.0)

Hi, I've just lost my days work. I have been working on a very large automatic file for use for non-mathcad users. I have backups but not of todays work. When I was saving, mathcad froze and now I can't open the file.

This is for designing and frame for structural engineering. I can reproduce what I did but it was many hours work.

I'm hoping someone can get it open. I've attached the 3 files that are in the folder where it was working last.

Thank you!


Just change the name from ***.TMP  to ***.XMCD

Replace the *** later to give the correct name  to the file



The file EBF_11.xmcd is zero byte in length which means that there is no information here to uncover.

But when I extract the other two files (obviously backup copies which Mathcad creates while saving a file) and I rename them with the extension .xmcd I can normally open them.

They may not be the very last state of your work and maybe some regions are damaged (the text regions with "instructions" at the beginning looks quite strange) but maybe you can use those files to reconstruct your work quicker than retyping it from scratch.

Do you have Mathcads  Autosave feature turned on? Then you may have luck at looking at a place like C:\documents\username\application data\Mathsoft\Mathcad\14\Autosave. Not sure about the correct path (but its "Mathsoft" and "14" even if you use PTC Mathcad 15. The files there have strange long filenames, but the extensions should be .xmcd and they contain the backups which Mathcad creates every few minutes if autosave is turned on.

As Andy said, change .TMP tp .xmcd to read file in Mathcad.  However, you will still get a corrupted file message when you try to re-save!  The problem seems to be related to all the symbolic "explicit, ALL" instructions you've used.  I deleted them all and was able to save the file ok.   (I've turned off Automatic calculation in the attached - you will probably want to turn it on again).


Thanks guys!!

Yes that's looks more or less where it was when I tried saving last.

The explicit , ALL function is my favourite part of mathcad, so they have to stay. I think the problem is if there is a variable not defined anywhere and the explicit, ALL function tries to call it up. I though I had gone through and done it all, but it just crashed suddenly when I saved. I didn't even give me a warning that it would corrupt.

I'm making this spread sheet to be used by non-mathcad users and so it can be checked by a third party which is why I'm trying to pretty it up so much!

Actually. Next problem!!

The embedded excel components aren't working. They all say "Failed to Launch server Application" when I try open them. Any ideas?

Sorry guys, ignore the post about , "Failed to Launch server Application". A restart of my computer fixed it. Thanks again!