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Mathcad Prime 2.0 functionality, features, licensing


Mathcad Prime 2.0 functionality, features, licensing

We are using Mathcad in our company since two years for our engineering calculations. I know Mathcad since version 7.0 and i appriciated the efforts of PTC to develop the new Mathcad Prime. We decided to follow this development by implementing Mathcad Prime in our daily business.

Despite the nice look, and ease of use of the program there are some serious problems:

1. Network licensing:

When someone opens a document outside the program (double clicking in the explorer), Mathcad gains a additional license from the license server. That means that every open file reduces the number of free licenses. This doesn´t happen when the file is opened within Mathcad (File -> Open), because the Program does not start a secound time. But i need a solution were the users don´t have to care about that.

2. Pictures and graphics:

We always add sketches and graphics (out from CAD) to our engineering calculations and we are really missing the possibility to insert meta-data to Mathcad Prime 2.0 from the clipboard. Mathcad 15.0 had this feature and we need it again.

3. Templates:

We need the possibility to crate templates for calculations. I don´t want the users always to copy some previous files. It should be solved like in Mathcad 15.0 (*.xmct files)

4. Formatting:

There is not yet the possibility to define font and style of the calculation. This is not acceptable! Our calculations have to meet the requirements for our corporate design.

5. Units:

We want to have the possibility to define custom units (e.g. kNm = 1 kN x 1 m)

We are still using Mathcad 15.0 because of this reasons, but this is not really a solution from my point of view. Please take note of the points i mentioned and fix them as soon as possible. If there are already solutions please let me know!

Other features like spell-check, automatic contents page, etc. would be nice to have but they can wait to version 4.0 😉

Best regards!


This man needs access to the Prime 3 discussion forum.

Excellent points!

We want to have the possibility to define custom units (e.g. kNm = 1 kN x 1 m)

I think it is not a custom units but a custom physical quantity.


Double-clicking the worksheet should not start a new instance of Mathcad Prime. It's a logged bug that we plan to fix.

Templates and formatting math are in development now for Mathcad Prime 3.0. The other features you request are on the roadmap for Prime.

You can suggest and vote on features you want by clicking on the Product Ideas icon in the menu above. Feature suggestions and voting is available for maintenance customers.


Hi Mona,

thanks for your response. The problem with the network licenses is very urgent.

I need a solution before Mathcad Prime 3.0 because this causes a lot of trouble every day.

I expected that the answer to the other mentioned points is to wait for future versions of Mathcad Prime, but this is very disapointing. We are talking about years! This is an eternity...

However, it´s good to hear that some features are already in development.

This long update interval could not be seen as a real customer support. Actually i´m feeling like a beta-tester and this is not very satisfying.

best regards!

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