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Mathcad + Pro/E = Clock

24-Ruby III

Mathcad + Pro/E = Clock

Hi Pro/ENGINEER users!

Can you desidn this clock

with Pro/E help!?




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Interesting, at final the time is relative

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Valery coincidence i design wall clocks, look your idea concreted i have a similar idea for math clock but not as complex mathematical that you have.


it´s easy to do this on Proe some extrudes and revolves that´s all. Look this:


if you need my help, just tell me specifying the topic.


Thanks, Camilo!

I have seen same clock in Internet (try please: Google/pictures/wall clock) and would like to have it "in real" as a gift for Mathcad (Pro/E) users - heros of the Mathcad Forum!


No problem it´s very easy to do, only take a old wall clock or buy new one with the similar frame and change the background with a print of the math cad clock or over it.

I have one more idea!

One wall clocks with the task of traveling salesman problem (see hungs on one realway station of the Swiss city. Switzerland is a land of watches/clocks and travelers! The contour of Switzerland is drawn on this clock (a flat TV-plasma panel). Every day at midnight 1,440 towns, villages, hotels of this alpine country are again randomly displayed on the map. The man, who had arrived on this station, can not only know actual time by help this clock, but can see the movement of "Salesman", guess where it will turn into the next minute. It will brighten up waiting for the train, raised doubts about the traveling salesman problem, to optimize their own travel to Switzerland, Europe and the world ...

Two picture of this clock with random cities locations see here:


We can do in Mathcad only < 1000 frames of animation:

Video Link : 1433

It is one my hobby - to think/dream about mathematics + clocks.

I have an aticle on this topic and would like to translate into English.

So you mean a trajectory wall clock?

What does it mean?

Over/flow the Time and irrationality of our actions in some minutes ...

I have read in one book (sori for mai inglish - not my english but for the "google english"):

"In the courtyard an old woman is standing and holding a clock in her hands. I walk through, past the old woman, stop and ask her:
- What time is it?
- Have a look - the old woman says to me.
I look and see that there are no hands on the clock.
- There are no hands here - I say.
The old woman looks at the clock face and tells me: - It's now a quarter to three.
- Oh, so that's what it is. Thank you very much - I say and go on."

"I have seen recently any disgusting kitchen clock in one store. Hands of this clock were made as a knife and fork."

(Daniil Kharms - see, "The old woman" - see

Interesting, at final the time is relative

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