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Mathcad vs Python

24-Ruby IV

Mathcad vs Python

Would you like to compare Mathcad & Python?

Read please in attach Reviewer Questionnaire

of the future book "STEM Problems with Mathcad & Python"

Your comments?




> Would you like to compare Mathcad & Python?

No! They are just two too different kind of beasts! Python is very versatile widely spread and used open programming language with a lot of very useful libraries available, while Mathcad is a dying closed proprietary program used by an ever-shrinking minority. And I say this even though I really love Mathcad (the real one, not Prime , of course).

But you may like to compare MatLab and Python if you feel so 😉


Why would you want to compare them? The best software is the one you know best! Granted Python is not a software as such. These are different things as pointed out by @Werner_E
While I could see some simple examples say solving the dynamic response of a SDoF ie a simple Differential equation solving as both tools have “built-in” function I am struggling to see where is the added value of such proposed book

The problem needs to be solved like this!
First, you need to solve it with Mathcad, and then translate this solution into languages Python, MATLAB, C etc.

I am actually just beginning to learn Python now, but when I was first exposed to MathCAD, I fell in love. Suddenly, I didn't need to hand-calculate or re-calculate by hand anything anymore, and I didn't have to squint my eyes at an Excel input box to make sure my parentheses and cell references were correct. I found so much joy in using MathCAD and figuring out all of its features. Is Python better? Maybe if it can display human-readable math the way MathCAD can, and do all of the calculation features such as solver? For procedural things like crunching databases, perhaps code is better, but for what I do, which is structural engineering, I need my equations to look like the building code equations and I need it to be readable by senior engineers who don't know programming language.

PS, Valery I think it is so cool that you wrote a book on this topic. 


One of the main goals of this book is to show the advantage of Mathcad over traditional programming languages.

@KevinFinity wrote:

... Is Python better? Maybe if it can display human-readable math ...


It can if you use the Jupyter notebook.


The book is due out December 9, 2022.
But there was a leak in the publishing house and the book appeared on pirate sites on September 9, 2022.

See and read free please 😞

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