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Mathcad15 in Word error


Mathcad15 in Word error

Hi everyone,

when I try to make a Mathcad15 object in Word, I do not get my calculations through.

(See image 'Word', my 'c' isn't calculated)

I already tried to reinstall Mathcad15 but that didn't work out. It's a very simple test calculation that doesn't go through. (see image)

What I already noticed is when I use 'paste special' it doesn't show 'Mathcad object' but just 'Object' and I can't make an object link, but no idea if that is part of the problem. (see image) I also want to make it a link so I can refresh these calculations in my Word file.

There are no issues on my collegues PC.

Anyone had a similar issue or has a solution?


Thanks in advance,





Try cutting and pasting from a working Mathcad sheet

 to a word document.

My intention is to make a Mathcad15 template because I have to make a lot of similar calculations (I'm a structural engineer). This Mathcad15 sheet would be pretty big. If I have to 'copy/paste' everything everytime to my Calculation note template (word) then I would lose a lot of time.


So my goal is to have a product like this:

- Fill in my input in Mathcad15

- Let Mathcad15 do my calculations

- Save and close Mathcad15, open the MS Word calculation note with the object references to Mathcad15

- Refresh all Mathcad15 objects



Mathcad prime doesn't have a 'object link' function with Word so I have to use Mathcad15.

Like I said, it works on my collegue's computer for the simple 'Test' with the a, b and c as in the image but not on my pc, so there is just a bug somewhere.


Thanks anyways for trying to help me out.


23-Emerald III

Are you and your colleague using the same version of office?

Note that mathcad 15 predates Office 2016...



He's on holiday for the time being. But I'll check as soon as he's back.

I first had the 32 bit version installed and thought that might be the problem so I changed to 64 bit.
Any idea which version is compatible? Or which aren't?


Thanks already,




Mathcad 15 is 32 bit computing.  You need to check the version of word is 32 bits.

Prime is 64 bit computing.


My firm uses a Microsoft Excel template for structural computations which has a title page.  We also have a Prime version of this template with a Prime version of the front page to avoid using references from one to the other.


Person can use either Prime or Excel calculation with same front page



My boss don't want just a title page.

We use a word template for the whole Belgian division of the company and I tried to tell him to use Mathcad prime for these calculations and to use it as a calculation note for our clients but he doesn't want to.

That's why I kind of need this Mathcad15 - MS Word link to work properly, because Prime doesn't have this function.

Thanks for your advice anyways,




My boss don't want just a title page.

One file is his aim for the document control on your projects.  If you combine the front page word as pdf to the Prime or Mathcad calculation as pdf you get one pdf title and calculations.  Most document control systems use pdf for circulation so your boss would get what he gets now a pdf for comments.


Problem is most firms don't give engineers the means of adding the two pdf's as it needs more than a pdf reader.  You need to find a friendly person to print word and prime to pdf and add them together or you need to pester the IT guys for the means to do this.


In pdf form no one is going to know the difference between word part and calculation part if page numbers match.


Cheers Terry



I also first had a 32bit office installed but it didn't work so I reinstalled it with a 64bit version but it gives me the same problem.