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PTC Mathcad Prime Worksheets Directory - Mechanical Engineering


PTC Mathcad Prime Worksheets Directory - Mechanical Engineering

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Worksheets marked with use PTC Mathcad premium features, otherwise they are Express compatible. All worksheets created in PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0.

Worksheet nameDescription
Analyzing Process CapabilitiesThis worksheet using PTC Mathcad takes a normal distribution to represent the amount of products lying outside the tolerance limits.
Bearing Capacity and Maximum Load of a PierThis worksheet shows you how to calculate the bearing capacity factor for a specific pier, and then uses this calculation to find the maximum load of the pier.
Calculating Force on a Truss Connection JointThis worksheet using PTC Mathcad helps you to calculate the force and pressure on a connection joint within the specified dimensions of the joint for a particular material, and under particular trusses and weld lengths.
Choosing a Cam-Type Clutch to Drive a Centrifugal PumpThis worksheet using PTC Mathcad shows you how to properly choose a cam-type clutch to drive a centrifugal pump.
Determining Suction Lift Pump Height Using Solve BlocksThis worksheet using PTC Mathcad helps you to determine the maximum height that a pump can be placed under a reservoir, and maintain the operating conditions set by a pump manufacturer.
Example of Using Laplace Transforms to Solve an ODEThis worksheet illustrates PTC Mathcad's ability to symbolically solve an ordinary differential equation using Laplace transforms. In this example, from dynamics, the worksheet demonstrates how to find the motion x(t) of a mass m attached to a spring (strength k) and dashpot (coefficient c) due to a known applied force F(t).
Finding the Actual Force and Break Capacity of a Long-Shoe Internal Drum BrakeThis worksheet using PTC Mathcad shows you how to determine the actuating force and the brake capacity of a long-shoe internal brake.
Finding the Shear Force and Bending Moment Along a BeamThis worksheet using Mathcad provides you with an example of how the shear force and the bending moment along a simply supported beam can be determined as a function of the distance from one end.
Finite vs. Infinite Life and Fatigue Failure for a Steel ObjectThis worksheet using PTC Mathcad provides an example of how to calculate for the fatigue failure of a rotating beam specimen made of ductile steel. Fatigue Failures are when machine parts fail due to repeated or fluctuating stresses, mainly because of the very large number of times it is subjected to the fluctuating stresses.
Linear and Angular Momentum of Three Small BallsThis worksheet looks at three small spheres of equal mass that are connected to a small ring by three inextensible, inelastic cods of equal length and equal space.
Preventing System Failures with Reliability Testing for Pump SystemsThis worksheet shows you how to determine the minimum number of pumps needed so that the probability of not having a system failure (system reliability) during a three year period is more than .95.
The Weibull Distribution Function in Reliability StatisticsThis worksheet using PTC Mathcad shows you how to define a 2-parameter Weibull distribution and shows you how the distribution can be influenced by scale and shape parameters.
  numolPDE and pdesolve() functions

One-dimensional parabolic and hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) can now be solved by the new built-in function numol(), or inside solve blocks using the new built-in function pdesolve().

  IBL file generator

Mathcad generates IBL files from curve segments. But instead of simply rendering them in Creo, we show how to use Creo's Associative Topology Bus (ATB) to check for file updates and quickly update the Creo model.


Most of the links in the "Worksheet name" column seem to work, except for the one I'm most interested in: numolPDE and pdesolve() functions. When I click on that link, an error message displays. Is it just me (browser, etc.), or can you fix this?

At the times when this set of files were posted, Prime was far away from having those functions implemented. Nonetheless PTC "converted" already existing Mathcad 15 (and older) sheets and released them as Prime files. This was done very sloppily and by people not really knowing the software they were dealing with. Thats the reason why the file which covered the functions you are interested in were "converted" and initially released here, too. Actually the converted file did not contain any reference to the functions mentioned in the title as they would have resulted in an error. And erroneously the file mentioned E-Books which should be activated (Prime does not support E-Books). It seems that PTC noticed their mistake and therefore deleted the link - but why the entry remained is a mystery ...

BTW, you still can look at that "converted" sheet here:  numolPDE and pdesolve() functions - PTC Community


Somewhat helpful information, but the “converted” sheet has an example for numol, not for pdesolve.