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Prime 4.0 DebugPropertyWindow

24-Ruby V

Prime 4.0 DebugPropertyWindow

A long time ago I found by chance a way to get a popup where I could change cursor color and some other settings in Prime. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce it (I was just poking around finding out how to achieve certain things via keyboard shortcuts, as the documentation for German keyboards is awfully wrong).

Today I did the same (doc for shortcuts still is wrong) and was able to reproduce. As far as I remember the pop up window in the older Prime version offered more options to change.


So her it is: Pressing shift-ctrl-alt-Q or shift-altgr-Q at the same time opens a DebugPropertyWindow:


I am not sure if this will work on other languages keyboards as well.

If not, this information may help: On German keyboards pressing ctrl-alt-Q or altgr-Q creates the @ character.

Not sure if there are other goodies hidden - go out and try 😉



Sorry for the double post!

When I searched the forum to see what I reported way back when I found out about this option first, I found a post of mine where I already reported the aforementioned keyboard short cut.

Obviously I had completely forgotten about it and just remembered that I once found this option and could not reproduce it. Bad memory 😞

23-Emerald III

Thanks for reminding us, and yourself.

It also works in Express Prime 4.0 english.




Interessanterweise habe ich bemerkt, dass diese Eigenschaften mit "Misc" zusammenhängen, aber wie bekomme ich Zugang zu anderen Optionen in diesem Fenster?

Auch ich habe bisher nur die Optionen im Karteireiter "Misc" gesehen und leider keine anderen.

Dieses Debug-Fenster ist vermutlich irrtümlich übrig geblieben, ist aber auch in der Version Prime 5 noch so aufrufbar.

Es wäre mit Sicherheit interessant zu wissen, ob es noch mehr Optionen gibt, die man ändern könnte.


Die einzige Erwähnung des Debuggers im Programm fand ich nur in der Datei "Ptc.SpiritAutomation.xml":




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