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Private Character Editor


Private Character Editor

You can make your own private character using Windows Private Character Editor, see help on the Character Map.

So if you need a circumflex over, say an x, you can make your own, and use it as you would any other character.

For example I made the following character, an x with a freehand circle around it: (You could do a logo also)

Private Character.png

The character will copy and paste as a Bitmap just fine,

But the character will not copy as a Picture?

It will print and it will print as a pdf.

I can copy the character and use it, so don't have to keep inserting from the Character Map.

Questions (I am leary about testing this sort of thing on a work computer)

I don't see how to delete a character, I can replace though, so maby that's OK, just replace after goofing around.

The character will only work on a compuer with the character in the Character Map, I am guessing there will be an error about no character exisiting. Or if there is a private character with the same number, it will use whatever that character is.

If I wanted others to use the file, I would need to privide a Private Character Map, How would this be done?
(If not too many, they could make their own, they don't need to match, just have the same position or number.

Any Thoughts?

Thanks, Wayne

PS I am attaching the Mathcad 15 file as well, What happens?


I get a square box in place of your character (except in cut and paste as bitmap, of course). It calculates correctly though.


Thanks Alan

It's easy enough to make your own characters, but what about sharing them? I am sure it can be done, but is it advisable to do so? and how involved is it?

Of course if you already use private characters, there will be confilcts; but only in the character displayed if the same code is used. I don't know how common it is to use private characters (not just in Mathcad).

Some of the other threads, for example the x with a circumflex, where they are documeting their own work, it seems that this is a reasoable solution given that they probably only require a limited number of characters.