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Variable undefined, what am i doing wrong


Variable undefined, what am i doing wrong

I have no idea what im doing wrong as usual with Mathcad. I have been forced to go back to Mathcad 15 because i no longer have prime.

Why am I getting an error that says undefined variable.


I am defining a few variables above that are hard set








Defined above
Rin:= 100
DeltaV := .04

Intial Guess


V = DeltaV * (out/Rin)
Av = out / Rin

find (V,Av) = 

And all i get is variable undefined 








Im sorry, I don't know why it wont let me post the code. The sudo code is above I have double and tripled checked syntax. I am obviously not getting this. I absolutely hate 15 I can do this in prime with my eyes closed  

23-Emerald III

If you want to solve V and Av, you HAVE to provide initial guesses for V and Av...





24-Ruby V

Obviously you are missing the guess values for the variables you are looking for.

I wonder why you are using a solve block for this, as you could calculate Av and V also directly using the values you defined earlier.


out is NOT a guess value, as you write, because out is not a searched for variable. So out will hold its initial value 100 throughout.

Looks like you had something different in mind.


You sure should be able to attach your Mathcad worksheet. What problem do you experience when you try to attach it here (you sure can't embed it, of course) ?


BTW, switching from Prime to Mathcad 15 is not a step backward. Rather the opposite, given that MC15 is much more capable.

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