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What does the include function do? (Reference worksheets)


What does the include function do? (Reference worksheets)



When I use the include function I get a window, where I can point to a path/file. Then I get a big green exclamation mark. Is this function supposed to do something? I did hit F1 but that did not have much info there. I thought the entire worksheet would show up. 


PS. It has a red border, because I altered the path, to comply with our company's procedures.


When you include a reference to a worksheet, you effectively put the entire worksheet at the point where you insert the reference; all of the functions and values of variables defined in the reference sheet are now available and live in the present sheet below the reference.


The reference does not appear, but its calculations are now availble.

how do I get the worksheet to show up? I want to "insert" one worksheet into another to have a combined worksheet

If  you double-click the reference, the referenced sheet will open; but there is no easy way to actually copy and paste the referenced sheet into another sheet.


You might experiment with PDF and XPS files and see if you can insert the fields that way; but  it won't be a live, calculating document.


You might put part of the referenced sheet into an area, colapse the area, copy it and paste it into the new sheet, then open the area. . ,.  There have been a lot of innovative approaches tried, with varying degrees of success.


In the worksheet you want to insert, create an area. Move the start and end of the area to include everything you wish to move to the other worksheet. Collapse the area. Copy the area. Paste the collapsed area into the location you want in the target worksheet. Expand the area. Delete the area (which will not delete the contents if it's expanded). There is no other way to do what you want.


Be aware that the above procedure will not resolve possible conflicts with user defined variable and function names. You will have to do that manually.

21-Topaz II

If you use MC15, referring to the "reference" you must follow the following structure:

About references.jpg
If, instead, you use "PRIME-4", you should observe the following rules:

About include.jpg

23-Emerald III

As long as worksheet B does not include worksheet C, there's no problem to include both worksheet B and worksheet C into worksheet. Extend this strategy when worksheet C includes worksheet D... etc.

Bottom line: when building a structure of worksheets intended for inclusion, be sure that upon usage (actual inclusion) every worksheet is only included once (so either included directly, or included indirectly, not both at the same time.)




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