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Why was my post rejected?


Why was my post rejected?

I posted a thread on here just a couple minutes ago, but it was rejected in the moderation stage:


Why was it rejected? Please don't reject my posts like that. I'm not a spammer, so you don't have to block my posts.


Well, congratulations--you got posted.


Us poor users can't see what the moderator rejected.


Try asking your question anain, here.

Here's what I posted:

I'm having this problem:

Invalid (inconsistent) license key.
The license key and data for the feature do not match.
This usually happens when a license file has been altered.
Feature: MATHCAD
License path: [Mathcad Prime 4 directory]\License.dat;[Mathcad 15 directory]\licenses\License.dat
FLEXnet Licensing error:-8,523
For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide,
available at "".
We recommend that you re-run the Mathcad License Setup wizard to make corrections. If the license file or
server still does not work please see the Customer Service Guide under the Mathcad installation folder
'\doc\Mathcad_CustomerServiceGuide.pdf' for more information. Would you like to start the Mathcad License Setup wizard? The only thing I could find on that error was a support page, but it says I have to purchase a Maintainence
support package in order to view the solution, which, according to another member, costs $1500.00. Why does
support cost so much more than the program itself? I can't afford that after purchasing a Mathcad Prime
license, which already cost me a lot of money (relatively speaking, I normally use free/open-source programs
like wxMaxima, Blender, LibreOffice, Yafu (integer factorization software), and Sage, so $600.00 is a lot of
money for me), and I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for support. I would rather use that kind of money to
get a more powerful computer. Here's what I mean: It says "Maintainence only article". Can someone please tell me how to get free or cheap (<$100) support?
If not, at least tell me what the solution is, because I want to use my existing license for both
programs, so I can convert my old documents to Prime format, and this is keeping me from doing that.
Also, how do I get a perpetual license for Prime 4.0? I only have a subscription license at the moment,
and I don't want to have to renew it annually to use the program (I plan on using it indefinitely), but
I can't seem to find the purchase page for a perpetual license.

How could that get rejected? I explicitly said that I purchased the license, so it's a legal copy. I hope it doesn't get rejected this time.



Did you run the license setup wizard again?


PTC has decided to go to a subscription only model. I thought that was only going to kick in at the start of next year, but apparently it already has. In which case, you can't buy a perpetual license. For $600 you get to create your IP, and PTC then gets to lock you out of it if you don't cough up another $600 next year. And the year after that. And....


For me, it means the versions of Mathcad that I have now (with perpetual licenses) will be the last versions of Mathcad I ever have.


Depending on your needs, you may want to look at Smath Studio.

Please find in attachment this CS106154 document in PDF format and report your issue here:

How did you get this license file?




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