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Wrong units...

24-Ruby IV

Wrong units... Mathcad and in Reference books:


Do you know more?

23-Emerald III

Try the unit for torque.



Same answer for torque:  units are correct, just not what you expect.

Annotation 2019-10-13 112410.jpg

Mathcad has no way of knowing whether you meant torque or work

The units aren't wrong, they still balance; they're just not what you want them to be.  This has always been--you have to replace what Mathcad writes with what you want.

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Thank you!

I'm not talking about Mathcad, but about reference books.

Newton worked with viscosity, and the unit of viscosity for some reason does not contain Newton, but Pascal.

It’s like in an old joke:

- You see a monument to Tolstoy!

- This is who wrote the novel "Brothers Karamazov"?

- No! The novel "Karamazov Brothers" was written by Dostoevsky!

- Why then put up a monument to Tolstoy?

But the funniest story happened with temperature. A lot of people (Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Rankin, Reaumur, etc.) are attributed to the temperature unit, and this is just...



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