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forming of a depth matrix


forming of a depth matrix



I'm trying to make settlement evaluations below a group of point loads.


For this evaluation, I need to form a depth matrix with n-columns (number of calculation points)

and m-rows (number of calculation depths), with the value of depth in each matrix element.

In this matrix the depth should increase with by step length to each following row.


My try is as attached, but I didn't get this work.


Thank you for help in advance.

23-Emerald III

You're accessing Delta_z.soil with two indices: j-1 and i. But Delta_z.soil is not a matrix, but a vector.

Strip off the index i and the program produces no error.

whether or not it then produces the correct result is up to your discretion.



Thank you for reply. I think I got your point and was able to make the following change to the pogram. 

I now did a matrix with the point in horizontal direction and element length (delta_h) in vertical direction.


I tried to make a system which would add the element length to each row, in order to get

each depth to the matrix, but I wasn't able to make it work.


Thus additional help is still needed. Thanks already in advance.

I think I was able to solve this problem now.


As attached is the depth matrix with all values.