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wheel climbing a circular ramp


wheel climbing a circular ramp

Hi the MathCad community, once again I ask for help

I want to calculate the wheel torque necessary for climbing a circular ramp.

I can calculate this, but it's not elegant and heavy, because i don't use mathcad programation correctly.



Annotation 2020-07-23 114502.jpg


in second time, i dicotomize the arc lenght with step parameter


Annotation 2020-07-23 114729.jpg


 Now, this is a mechanical problem, i assume the wheel goes up the slope.

The slope is the tangent equation at the coordinates point (from dicotomize function)

And the slope angle is simply a/2


Annotation 2020-07-23 115400.jpg

 i think the result is OK


But i want more 😁


I want calculate all traction forces T and all torque C  for all dicotomized value in a (one ?) program.

and after draw the result 🙄

and i'm lost to do this🤔


In the second step (after) : i have 2 drive wheels, the P force( f=ma) are apply in center line who link 2 wheels

i want to calculate Normal Force (N) variation. Because, the wheel climbing ramp, the normal force are modify by gravity.

obsiouvly the torque will also vary


and finally, the ultimate goal is find a critical position where the Torque is max

(taking into account the variation in Normal force(mass and gravity) and angle)

Annotation 2020-07-23 122116.jpg



attached P6 file


24-Ruby V