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Can't generate tag from Microsoft SQL database


Can't generate tag from Microsoft SQL database

I try to get data from Microsoft SQL database 2014 to Thingworx connectivity but it has error message " Failed to automatically generate tags for device 'Device1'."


I would like to know what is wrong in this case

please suggestion  me thank you.



23-Emerald II

Hi @Nuttapol.


Please provide more details.  Is SQL Server configured as a data provider?  Are you using another app for pulling the data?  Is that the full error message or can you provide more details regarding the error?





How should i do if i would like to get data from SQL database to Thingworx industrial connectivity. 


I do not use other software. I use Thingworx industrial connectivity only.




Hi Nuttapol,


This is a fairly common issue. There are a few things that could be at play.


Does the SQL server use Windows auth or Mixed mode? I am hoping you are going to say Mixed mode, and you have a SQL username and password.


Was the DSN configured as User or System DSN with the 32 bit version of SQL native client driver? Here I am hoping the answer is: Yes it’s a System DSN, built with the 32 bit SQL native client driver.


Is ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity’s runtime running as a service or in the interactive mode? The default is Service.


The ideal way to run is, as a service, to a system DSN, connecting to a SQL server that is using mixed mode auth, using your SQL username and password in the channel properties for the ODBC channel.




Hi Rob,


I am having the same issue using a MariaDB ODBC data source. I configured a 32-bit system DSN (MariaDB ODBC 3.1 Driver) and mixed mode auth. The server runtime is also set to system service. 


Is there anything else that could cause this? 


Thank you,


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