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[Update to 8.5.2] Manufacturing Apps - Assets not more visible


[Update to 8.5.2] Manufacturing Apps - Assets not more visible


we updated our Thingworx Instance from 8.4 to 8.5.2 and Manufacturing Apps to 8.5.1. After this update we experienced an error that our Assets after a reimport are not showing up in the Asset Advisor.


State after Update from 8.4 to 8.5.2:

- 5x Assets in Asset Advisor visible


What did we do:

- Delete asset / extension in Composer

- Reimport asset via custom extension (ZIP File)

- Import successfully -> asset visible in Compose

- Asset not more visible in Asset Advisor / Manufacturing Apps


Workaround to get Assets visible again:

- Create a new asset with the same name in "configuration and setup" in manufacturing apps

- Reimport the same Extension (contains Assets) and overwrite new asset

- Now the assets are again visible in Asset Advisor



- Is there a fix for this problem, without the workaround?

- How do I deploy assets to different thingworx instances without the above error?


Hi @benjaminlhind ,


Are you using any custom template for assets/lines on your instance.

Please share the screenshot of the Asset Advisor screen, Custom Launchpoint configuration tab screenshot and the application logs for the timestamp when error occurred.




Hi @benjaminlhind.


If you have found a solution to your problem, please post it here for the benefit of others on the community.  If you still need assistance, please respond to Himanshu's post.








There is a Network entity that you have to add your Assets into for them to show up in the Apps.  We migrated from 8.4 to 9.1, and I believe the Network was called "PTC.Factory.PlantNetwork" in both instances.  You might be able to simply migrate the Network along with your assets.

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