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How to get CoCreate 17.00 running after upgrading to Win 8.1


How to get CoCreate 17.00 running after upgrading to Win 8.1

In 2009 I bought the software "CoCreate 2008 Version 16.00D".

In 2010 we got the new version "PTC/CoCreate 17.00" from our support-contact at Switzerland - I never installed it on my PC.

After 2010 we finished upgrade-contract because all features we needed from our CAD were available.


Today (21.01.204) I bought Win 8.1.

I installed the newer version "PTC/CoCreate 17.00" on my second PC*. I kept the fist one I'm having with Win XP and "CoCreate 2008 Version 16.00D" running on it. I wanted to have a Hardware-Backup because of my CAD from CoCreate (that has HW-License as I was told then).


* all the same hardware. No differences. I bought them together some years ago to have a "hardware backup system".


I try now to make run the newer version "PTC/CoCreate 17.00" on my PC. The one with WinXP I kept without any changes to ensure that I have a fallback system.

As already mentioned the hardware on the second PC is the same. I copied the file MEIs.conf from the path of the Licence-Server on my PC on a USB-Stick and tried to make it run on the second system. No success.


Now I'm looking for some support - but I can't find a possibility on the ptc webside.

Maybe you can give me a hint where to ask for support / how to make it run on my second PC*.

My point of view is that I bought this versions legally from CoCreate in 2010 and there must be a official way to get it run on my Win 8.1 PC.


Thanks for any support

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You cannot "move" a license over to another system just by copying the MEls.conf file.

The licenses in MEls.conf are generated for a "HW-ID" which is either a MAC-Adress of NIC

or it is the ID of MSU-Dongle.

Concerning Windows 8.1: You need release 18.1M030 or higher


Since you went out of Support, you have no license and no right to run 18.1

Therefore, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are not supported by the Software you own.

As Max said, the official release ist 18.1 M030 or higher for Windows 8.1. But we have some machines with Windows 8.1 runnig release CoCreate 15.50. Anyhow, if you change the hardware, you need a new licence file. This because the licence code depends on the MAC-Address of your computer.

With the new MAC-Address we can generate a new license code. As said, no support for your release under Windows 8.1!

Some more remarks on "new MAC-Address".

You don't need to move the License Server (which is using the MEls.conf) to run CAD on a different machine.

CoCreate (new name CED = Creo Elements Direct) uses "Floating Licenses" which means

you are allowed to install the Software on many Computers as you like and use as many

CAD executables (at the same time) as you have licenses (in your case, number of licenses == 1, as it seems)

You also have the possibilty to "move" your licenses to a new HW-ID (e.g. because old HW is to be replaced),

but if you do so, you MUST NOT use the old licenses anymore, or you will breach a legal license agreement.

Also, regardless if you stay with the old HW-ID or move to a new HW-ID, you will NOT have a license

to start a CAD version 18.x - since the licenses for CAD only open certain versions of the software.

If you stay under Support, you will receive "upgrade passwords" that enable you to use the newest

versions of the Software. If you go out of support, you are neither legally allowed to use the new version

of the Software nor will be able to do so.

Is windows 8 really an upgrade? Do you like it? is it worth it?

Creo Element\Direct Modeling 20.1