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GEEEEEEZ ... WHAT has happened here???


GEEEEEEZ ... WHAT has happened here???

Holy cow... I came here to post an announcement of a new Regional User's Group for the Mid-Atlantic Region. We've needed one for years and we're finally able to kick it off so I was excited to share the news.


THEN... I saw this new PTC Community.


What the $%^&@ has happened here? This is *THE* single most confusing, muddled, mess I've ever seen. In fact, no one is even going to read THIS message because it's impossible to find ANYTHING.


Sorry PTC - whomever is in charge of this needs to attend a class on the proper way to design and deploy a message board. PTC Community was better 5 years ago. This thing is a mess. The LACK of posts should be a clue. I would guarantee the participation rate on this site has plummeted. This is really unacceptable. We had far more participation in the past.


It's clear that former core products like Creo and Windchill are now being relegated to "old stuff no one cares about" and therefore it's perfectly fine to lump it all together. It's like trying to root through your grandmother's old attic to find anything here.




Sorry  for the freak out but... c'mon man... I advocated for this thing. I don't even recognize it as a source of information now. It's more a source of frustration. Not a good evolution at all.


Hi Brian, well i am very happy to know you share the same opinion as myself. I have been wanting to vent my frustration at this convoluted mess for a while but did not want to appear like some cranky old Luddite. You hit the nail on the head with the participation rate, it has plummeted. I used to check the forum every day & now i only bother once a week, if that. Half the time there hasn't even been a new post from the previous visit. Sad really when you consider the amount of traffic on this site in years gone by.  


Best regards






Some time ago (a little over a year, I think) a decision was made by PTC that the forum needed to move from the old Jive software to Lithium software.  The move was hastily made and poorly executed, to say the least.  Shortly after, our community manager left PTC. I'm not going to speculate (at least publicly :-D) as to who decided what, why it went how it did and why he left. It doesn't matter, really, only where do we go from here.


It took some time to replace him and the new manager inherited a mess.  All Creo posts were in one place, no separation by software. The community champions have been working with her to get the community to the state it is now.  Yes, this is a serious improvement to where it was immediately post move. Yes, I believe that traffic is down significantly since the move. Yes, there is still a lot of work to do.


The new community manager appears to be doing her best to keep the improvements going, but she also appears to have a number of other projects on her plate that limit the time she can spend engaged here.  Progress is happening, but slowly.


The best way to navigate the site is by the menu at the top left. The Creo Parametric stuff is almost all in one place now under Creo Parametric (3rd item down on the list), although some older posts are still under the old Creo board (at the bottom).


BTW, this really belongs in the Community Feedback area under the PTC Information Center. I've notified a moderator to move it.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer


Lithium based user forum is much worse than previous Jive based user forum. Everyone knows it.

Unfortunatelly there is no prospect that it will change dramatically 😞

I have two main complaints:

  • page layout is poorly managed (... lot of white unused space is present ... )
  • fixing a simple problem takes months ...



Martin Hanák
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