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Connection to TWX from Android phone


Connection to TWX from Android phone


We are using cloud instance and working on Thingworx 6.0.

We tried to configure the tutorial for Android App connectivity. We are facing challenges in connecting android phone.

We have given IP address of WiFi LAN and also changed RES settings.

But still we are not able to connect to Thingworx instance. We need help in understanding following:

1. How do I know instance name for thingworx cloud instance?

2. How can I find out IP address for Thingworx cloud instance?

3. In Android App given in the tutorial, we are getting error as "No data is sent to TWX" initially and then we get connection error message.

Please help us resolve the issues.

Thanks in anticipation



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    Can you tell me how do you access your cloud instance? Did you receive an welcome letter from the Academic Program in which you have all the information that you need there?

    As soon as I receive this information I can give you all the answers to your questions.

Thank you,



You need to give IP address of ThingWorx cloud instance, not the WiFi LAN's IP.

You can find it by pinging TW instance from your PC. TW instance is something like Get it from your browser URL.

Also you need allow REST calls in TW. For this,

-->Go to Systems -->  SubSystems--> PlatformSubsystem. There click on configuration, check for allow REST API and Uncheck Filter Content-Type.

Hope it helps.

With B/R,


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