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Creo 2.0 Keyboard shortcuts anyone?


Creo 2.0 Keyboard shortcuts anyone?


I thougt about asking a specific question about creo 2.0 keyboard shortcuts and decided to make it a sharing opportunity.

anyone wants to share his favourite most usefull keyboard shortcuts while working with creo ?

I like

Ctrl +G to regenerate.

Center click for Done

anyone knows a shortcut for normal view/ isometric view?


If you type "map" into the Command Finder (upper-right), you can start the Mapkeys dialog box and create your own shortcuts. Engineers typically create mapkeys to automate common repetitive tasks.

For example, when working with large assemblies I often use "zz" to make the clicks Set Representation to> Exlude. I can select a part in my assembly, press zz and the part is excluded from the representation.


i just descovered some more shortcuts

ctrl + n - new file

ctrl+d - dimetric view.

Adam, i tried mapping keys but for some reason its not wirking - is there a short tutorial on how to do this right?

what if i want to override an existing shortcut, will it allow it?

Here are the default shortcut keys as defined in Creo Help.


Disables filters temporarily during selection when the pointer is in the graphics window. Hold down the ALT key during selection.

Activates KeyTips on the Ribbon when you point to the Ribbon and hold down the ALT key.


Temporarily hides the Live Toolbar in 3D part and assembly modes.


Activates a window.


Copies the selection to the clipboard.


Displays a model in the default view.


Opens the New dialog box.


Opens the File Open dialog box.


Repaints a window.


Opens the Save Object dialog box.


Pastes the clipboard contents to the selected location.


Performs a single-step redo operation.


Performs a single-step undo operation.


Performs one of the following operations depending on the modeling context:

Cancels an operation.

Clears the selection in the graphics window.

Cancels a dragger operation.

Closes the Live Toolbar.

Cancels the currently active tool.


Accepts the changes and closes the Live Toolbar in 3D and assembly modes. Also clears the selection in the graphics window.


Opens Help for the current context.


Hides the current guide for the geometry in 2D mode.


Locks or unlocks the current guide in 2D mode.


Shows or hides temporarily the precision panels in 2D mode.


Switches between the Line and Arc Creation modes in 2D mode.


Prehighlights a set of surfaces on an active part using shape-selection rules based on the currently prehighlighted surface. Refer to the Creo Parametric Flexible Modeling Help for more information on shape-selection rules.


Check out the Quick Reference Card too!

In this example I will create a Mapkey that toggles the display of all datum features (Planes, Axis, Points, & Csys):

  1. Open or create a part file and select the View tab.
  2. Make sure the display of datum Planes, Axis, Points and Csys are enabled.
  3. Open the Mapkeys dialog box:
    • Click New to open the Record Mapkey dialog box.
    • In the Key Sequence text box, type the key sequence you want to activate your mapkey. In this example I will use “dd”.
    • Click Record.
  4. Preform the actions you want to record:
    • In the View tab, Show group, click Plane Display, Axis Display, Point Display and Csys Display (this will disable their display).
  5. In the Record Mapkey dialog box, click Stop (to stop the recording) and click OK.
  6. If you want to save the mapkey (I do not always save them, sometimes I just create them for temporary use), click Changed.
    • In the Save dialog box, browse to your Creo Parametric start in folder (typically the Public Documents folder) and save the new file. When Creo Parametric starts, it will read this file so your mapkey is active.
  7. From the Mapkeys dialog box, click Close.

Use your mapkey:

  • Now each time you press “dd” on your keyboard and the display of the datum features will be toggled.

How to change the $F1 function (default F1:Help)? Creo asked me once but I clicked too fast to see the recording process. When I do the steps 1.-7. it says that it isn't possible to change the F1.

in daily use are

A1, A2, A3 & A4 for printing.

dxf, pdf & dwg to ouput files to local server.

NF & NB to set model view front or back as require.

BOM to create BOM table.

Find the tasks that you do regularly & need a few clicks to complete, then save yourself time with a shortcut (mapkey).

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