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Import Data Doctor not working


Import Data Doctor not working

Using Wildfire 4.0 M092 Student Edition 4 I've imported shared data and carry out EDIT DEFINITION the system goes into the command but the 'Import Data Doctor' ICON is low lighted and I cannot do any thing. Is there something I should be turning on first.

I had this on the forum for a while does anyone else have the same problem?

Paul, Unfortunately, the Data Doctor functionality is not included in the Pro/ENGINEER Student Edition. That is the reason the button is grayed out. The only options available without Data Doctor are to Reload and Collapse Geometry. Also, clicking Edit> Feature Properties, will open the Properties dialog box you use "Make Solid" to make a closed quilt into a solid. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Sincerely, Adam Haas PTC Education Programs

Disappointed to say the least! Also I had Wildfire 3.0 Student Edition and this had functionality to work on imported data and repair it. PTC web site lists it as being included see below extract. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Student Edition features more CAD/CAE modules than competitive packages, and all the tools are fully ‘associative’ so that when a change is made in one module, all other modules are instantly updated. It contains a highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), and many of the most common tasks are automated. Pro/ENGINEER enables you to bring your most imaginative ideas to life—without compromise. While other CAD tools only take you so far, Pro/ENGINEER allows you to create an unlimited number of design iterations at blistering speed. Regardless of your project's scope, Pro/ENGINEER provides an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, highly powerful solution. Find out what the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Student Edition can do for your designs. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Student Edition includes the following full-functioning Pro/ENGINEER modules: Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE* Interactive Surface Design Advanced Assembly Behavioral Modeling Design Animation Mechanism Dynamics Simulation (Mechanica Structure & Thermal) Advanced Rendering Tolerance Analysis Windows Vista Supported New! Manikin and Manikin Analysis New! CAM Lite *Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Student Edition does not include the following modules that are part of the commercial Pro/ENGINEER Foundation XE Package: Pro/INTERFACE®; for CADDS, Pro/INTERFACE®; for CATIA®, or Pro/PDGS® Rewarding 3D Design Experience Pro/ENGINEER is the hottest CAD software on the market—not just in the industry, but in academia as well. 80% of the TOP 50 Engineering Programs in US are teaching Pro/ENGINEER. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Student Edition is an efficient extension from your computer lab to your own PC. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Student Editions offer powerful new capabilities and usability enhancements that optimize design processes and further improve personal and process productivity: Detailed Design Innovative new Auto RoundTM Technology - Saves valuable time with automated rounding of even the most complex features. A rounding task which took an expert user 20 minutes to complete was accomplished by Auto Round in 40 seconds! Improved Large Assembly Performance - Automated and optimized assembly file management using simplified representations reduces memory consumption by 40% and model retrieval times by 60% Enhanced 3D Drawings - Automatically displays dimensions in 3D drawings which increases design information reuse and delivers production ready drawings. Faster Surface Removal - Quickly removes round and hole geometry to prepare designs for mold making or simplify designs for analysis. Reduces model editing time by up to 50%! New Feature Recognition Tool - Quickly converts imported geometries to features in your model Improved Data Exchange - publish Pro/ENGINEER data in 3D PDFs Enhanced Import DataDoctorTM - New data repair capabilities and easy-to-use, modernized user interface dramatically improves the ability to reuse legacy and 3rd party data Advancements in Surface Editing - Helps optimize designs with new capabilities for directly editing surfaces including multi-resolution editing and smoothing New Pro/ENGINEER Tolerance Analysis Extension Powered by CETOL Technology - This new module quickly analyzes geometric tolerances and variances directly in the CAD model Verification and Validation Easier and Enhanced Simulation - Helps analyze designs faster and easier with smart diagnostics, improved meshing, better assembly connectivity management and analysis of results Manufacturing Tooling and Factory Equipment Design Improved Usability - Simplifies and automates the transformation of engineering designs into manufacturing processes with an easy to use, powerful process manager for toolpath definition, annotation features, and other key capabilities ElectromechanicalDesign Enhancements New Ribbon Cabling Creates - electromechanical designs faster with intelligent, automated capabilities for adding and routing ribbon cables Faster Design Collaboration - New Pro/ENGINEER ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension accelerates electromechanical design with a new interface between MCAD and ECAD designs. Users can automatically identify incremental changes and cross-highlight between MCAD and ECAD board designs If you’re a student or educator looking to develop or teach the skills that are in the greatest demand in the industry, then it’s time to acquire your own version of Pro/ENGINEER. Available in Seven Languages Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Student Edition in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Italian, German, Japanese, or Spanish (Simulation modules not available in Italian or Spanish)

Paul, I understand your frustration. Our Wildfire 5 education edition is scheduled for release at the end of May. We are working to see if we can have the Data Doctor functionality added to this release. No promises but I'm doing the best I can to have it added. Please check back then. Regards, Adam

Thanks but I just spent my money on WF4.0 which said it had it! will I get upgrade to WF5.0 Free of Charge? Hope you can get it in. Kind Regards Paul

Paul, If you could send me an email, then I can keep you posted on the progress of this. Thanks, Adam -


I need help regarding repair import(i.g.s) data of assembly can you help ?

with best regards,


Are you thinking of PTC's Reverse Engineering eXtension (REX)? It is designed to help you generate robust, feature based geometry from scanned data.

You posted in the Academic Program forum and REX is not currently included in the Academic Editions of Creo.

thanks for kind reply actually i am using the import datadoctor to fill gaps & remove and create surfaces's but my add to wireframe option is freeze i am trying to unfreeze but can't do that will you help me on this regard?



Which version of ProE/Creo are you using and which release/build?

Can you send us the model with a description of where the specific problem is and we can take a look,


Hello Sir,
sir i was send you e-mail on

- please check and reply.