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Licensing Questions


Licensing Questions

What kind of license does my software require?

All PTC Academic software uses FlexNet licensing and requires either a locked license file or access to a license server. The license whether configured as locked file for a single machine or as a floating file for a license server must be contain the correct license features at the correct version for the software to run.

Most versions of PTC Academic software can use both locked license files or a license server but certain Academic applications are sold with locked licenses only.

What is the PTC HostID referenced in my license and some software documentation?

The PTC HostID is the term used for the unique identifier to which all licenses for PTC software are configured. This may be interchangeably referred to as hostID, Physical Address, MAC Address or Machine ID and corresponds to the Physical Address of a network card on the machine to be licensed.

Both single locked license files and floating license files for a license server are configured specifically for the machine to be licensed. This means that a license file configured for one machine CANNOT be used on another.

The PTC HostID of a given machine can be found displayed on certain screens when running setup for the software installation. It can also be found by running ipconfig /all from a command but since many machines contain multiple network cards please submit a Support Request if you are unsure of which to use.

What should I do if I get an error generating my license file using the downloaded license utilities or if they simply will not run?

Please submit a Support Request including your PTC HostID, and Product Code to receive instructions and the website necessary to manually request a license. If necessary the license can be generated for you by PTC and sent with instructions for installation.

What can I do if I requested a license file (offline mode), but I never received it by email?

Please verify that your email address was entered correctly and also check any spam folders for the email from PTC. If the emails is correct and it was not received please submit a Support Request including your PTC HostID, and Product Code to request that a license file be generated for you.

Can I install the software on the machine being used as the license server?

Yes if needed the client software can be installed on the server machine provided the hardware is capable of running the software.

Is a server class machine required or can I install the license server software on a client machine?

No, a server class machine is not needed to run the license server software as most modern workstations have hardware capable of running this software.

The server machine need only be on the same network as the client machines and accessible via TCP/IP but configuration of firewall or other security software maybe necessary.

Can I install my software on a new machine if my old one has stopped working?

Yes though the Creo software is intended for use on single a machine only, if your machine needs to be replaced it is possible to install and license the software on a new machine.

Please submit a Support Request and include:

  • The exact edition of the software you’re using
  • The order number if you purchased the software
  • The product code that you used to install the software the first time
  • The PTC HostID of your machines (this is your physical MAC address of the machine)

A new license file will be sent to you with instructions for installation.