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Need help getting going


Need help getting going

I just read through the rwdc course on the the resource page. Are all students required to go through this?

It seems to be for last years, or is it generic to all years.

I am still confused by the process. everyone keeps telling me to read through the starting page. i have doen this and still cannot get the info I need.

Do we have each student create heir own ptc account and have them actually do the downloading? Is this part of the grade?

Where do I find the step by step for them?


Hi Jon,

I am sorry for any confustion. Dont worry about the RWDC course. We made it for a previous challenge. It is mainly there as an extended resource. But if you are just getting going this year, you can feel free to skip it.

All you need to do is walk through the steps listed on the Getting Started Page. Is there any particular step that you are having trouble with?

Here are all of the steps in a nutshell. The Coaches Guide can elaborate on any of the details. And any resources that you need are on the Getting Started Page.

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Student Survey

Step 3: Download the software

Step 4: review the Challenge statement and Coaches Guide

Step 5: Find a Mentor

Step 6: Train on the software using How to Model Almost Anything

Step 7: Visit the RWDC Community for questions, etc.

Students can sign up for PTC accounts and download the software individually. You can put it on school computers, or they can use it at home, or both.

I hope that helps, and if you need anything else, I am here to help.



Thanks Anthony,

I will keep plugging away. i reached out to a possible mentor today

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