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Need help/recommendation to choose files


Need help/recommendation to choose files


I'm an engineer student in Denmark working for a engineering company as part of my education. At this moment we are working on some parts we need to have tested/simulated before making prototypes and test the parts irl.

I'm have installed on my computer:

Creo Direct 1.0

Creo Distributed Batch 1.0

Creo Parametic 1.0

Creo Simulate 1.0

Creo View Express 1.0

Legacy Structure 1.0

Legacy Thermal


The workers in the company uses AutoCAD and we have run into some problem regaring the two programs working together.

AutoCad can save to these types of files:


I want to have as much "mobility" to wotk on the drawings as possible so which type of file should the company use in order for me to work with them?

I will need to make changes on the drawings, I will need to simulate/test a given force to a part. I want to change between materials the parts are made from and I need to make a presentation of the part with colors, backgrounds etc.

Do you have any recommendations?

Best Regards,




I would first suggest that you do some testing to see which works best for you. With drawings, it will be either DWG or DXF. For parts and/or assemblies, you have more choices, I would suggest you try the Pro/ENGINEER direct translations first but I would also check STEP and IGES.

Note there are configuration options in Creo that you will want to set before importing the models. A few important ones are:

  • fix_boundaries_on_import yes
  • intf_in_use_template_models yes
  • intf3d_in_close_open_boundaries yes

Note: If you are using one of the Academic configurations, these options are already set for you.

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