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PTC Pointers, a FIRST Robotics Newsletter; "Using Creo in the Manufacturing & Product Phase"


PTC Pointers, a FIRST Robotics Newsletter; "Using Creo in the Manufacturing & Product Phase"

The 2016/2017 FIRST season represents our 10th year of donating PTC software and services to all FIRST teams, along with easy-to-use training curriculum, team funding grants, and hundreds of PTC volunteers to staff and support regional events around the globe.


We’re here to help you. Help you learn about PTC software and technology, help you gain an understanding of the season’s game, help you innovate, and help you help each other.


This newsletter was developed with you in mind. In it you will find:

  • Technology Concepts. We’ll break down the complexity of designing and building a robot through a product development process.
  • Software Tips and Tricks.
  • Team Ideas. Let’s learn from each other. This will be another opportunity for you to share videos, images and concepts you believe can helpful for other teams.
  • PTC Resources. Links and suggestions on where you can go for more information.
  • Coming Up Next. A sneak peek into topics planned for the next edition.


Missed a newsletter?


Technology Concepts

The third phase of the product development process prepares for robot construction, which includes, creating a plan for assembly, identifying which parts need to be sourced and/or fabricated, and developing a software program to control the robot.


As you move into the manufacturing and production phase of the product development process, Creo can assist in creating assembly plans and a bill of materials. It also has a 3D printing function that makes fabricating custom parts a simple process.


The video tutorials demonstrate how to create a custom explode view of a wheel subassembly and then use that custom view as to make an annotated assembly drawing, including a bill of materials.


Software Tips and Tricks

Creating an assembly drawing and bill of materials with PTC Creo

VIDEO: Create a custom explode view in Creo

VIDEO: Create an assembly drawing and bill of materials

Use Creo to finalize and export a 3D model as an STL file

VIDEO: 3D print a custom part


Team Ideas

Take a look at Sir Kit, a robot that was modeled entirely using Creo 3.0. The Rotoraptors, FRC #3737, won a district competition GM Industrial Design Award, and then again at the NC State competition. And finally, bringing home the Chairman's award at a district event. Have Creo questions? I suspect this team is a great resource and would be happy to offer insights and guidelines. Visit their Facebook page here.







Coming up Next: “Robot Development in the Field”

Creo continues to support your robot development in the field. Run Failure Modes and Effects Analyses and create an operator’s manual with the assistance of 3D modeling.

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