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Probleme bei Installation Pro WF 5.0 Student edition


Probleme bei Installation Pro WF 5.0 Student edition

Hallo ich habe mir letzte Woche Creo/elements Pro als Download zugelegt ,Download hat auch funktioniert .

Nur besteht das Problem das die Installation bei 2% einfriert und sich auch nach 18 h nichts getan hat ,ich hab schon Virenscanner Firewall und was weiß ich was deaktiviert , wo liegt das Problem ???

Vom Student-Support hab ich noch keine Re bekommen .

Hat jemand eine Idee ???

PS : Ja ich habe NTFS, und alles was die Liste hergibt .


In English:

I have a Problem installing my Creo Pro student edition on my Computer ,the installation freezes at 2 % and notig happens for hours .

I have deactivated the virusscanner and firewall .

My OS is XP Home SP3 ,NTFS ist also on .

Can anyone help ??? plz ....


how do you install ProE ? Do you use Web installer or do you use CD/DVD media ? If you use Web installer, I suggest you to get CD/DVD media.


Martin Hanák

Where can i get the DVD Media ,

it seems to be that the Webinstaller is not working correktly in case of somthing .


I am sorry, I don't have any idea.

Try to aks your classmates, your teacher, your friends, ...

I am not a student, so I can't help you.


Martin Hanák

Hello Martin

in this Moment just got email from PTC ,with the link loading the DVD Image .

Iam also not a stundent ,i will use this Version for my Hobby ,building models from trucks and stuff like that .

So good luck .

Martin Hanák

Das Problem, lag am Downloadserver von PTC.

Der war defekt/überlastet. Die 2% bedeuteten, dass im hintergrund noch daten geladen werden (restdauer 2-5 tage)

Jetzt sollte das aber behoben sein.

The Problem was caused by the PTC-Server.

It was broken or overloaded, 2% means that the installation is still running and downloading stuff at the background. (remainig time 2-5 days)

PTC said, they have fixed it now.

Thanks to the support from PTC , my installation is Working an iam ready to be an Pro Engineer

how did you fix this?

Hi all,

When downloading and installing the student edition, you have two options.

  1. Install from the web - You can download a small executable and perform the installation from the web. This means that that the small executable you download would start PTC.Setup and when you initiate the installation process, the files will be pulled from This is great as it avoids the need to download the full DVD image locally to perform the installation.
  2. Download Full DVD - depending on Internet connection or reliability, ths option simply allows you to download the full DVD. This is great for re-installs as you would have the local media on your machine versus the small executable.

With the two options, I would tend to default to option 2. The student edition by default has you install most of the items on the DVD, for example the all language help files, etc. For this reason the time to perform the install from the web would be similar to the time it would take to download the full DVD. Many of you have commented on setup getting stuck at 2% when running the install from the web process. While it might not look like it is working, PTC.Setup is pulling down a large packaged file. Depending on the Internet connection, this file might take some time to download in order to be installed.

If you are concerned about the installation process, I would go with option 2. This way, you would always maintain the lcaol files in the event you need to reinstall the edition.

If you have any questions, please send an email to -.