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Teacher Showcase: Katy Barnes, Accrington Academy


Teacher Showcase: Katy Barnes, Accrington Academy

Designing a MP3 speaker case influenced by the theme of high speed trains. I used a varety of modelling techniques within the software to create a series of parts and assemble them together before rendering them as a CAD model. Below are the stages I took in carrying out this modeling process. I was trained by Sheffield Hallam University.

Image one shows the protrusion for the basic shape of the body. This is part one

upload stage 1.jpg

Image two shows the body shape after applying a series of sketches, extrusions and rounding of edges.

upload stage 2.jpg

Image 3 shows the body of the speaker part after it has been shelled. This will create space for the components.

upload stage 3.jpg

Image 4 shows the body shape part in half where an area been created for the PCB board and battery. These were created using a series of sketches and extrusions.

upload stage 5.jpg

The image below shows the engineering drawing for one side of the speaker casing.

engineering drawing.jpg

Image 6 is a rendered side to the speaker casing. It is an assembly of all the components mated into the compartments that were created.

upload stage 7.jpg

Image 7 is the final rendered model for the speaker casing where the 2 side parts have been mated together in another assembly.

upload stage 8.jpg


Katy, I like the design you came up with and the way you modelled it. The shape and scale packages the components very well.

You refer to image 6 being a render.  I cannot be sure but think this is a normal model view. Used sensitively, the render tools can make the product look almost real.

Take a look at the new Freestyle tools in Creo, they are great for the orgnanic shapes product designers use.

Lovely work, well done!