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WF5 Student Edition Manikin


WF5 Student Edition Manikin

Using WF5 Student Edition M040

I've noticed that there are functions for Manikin included in the WF5 student edition.

Also, the "Key Features" tab on the page at

indicates that WF5 student edition includes:

  • New! Manikin and Manikin Analysis

However, I cannot find the Manikin libraries anywhere in the install folders. Can someone direct me to where I can find the Manikin assemblies in WF5?




The manikin library need to be downloaded separately. On the technical Support tab of (Order or Download Sofware Update). You will find: PRO/ENGINEER MANIKIN POPULATION DATA under the Pro/ENGINEER product.

Download all the files into a folder called: ptc_manikin_lib locally on your machine

Adjust the tool option: ptc_manikin_library path to point to your directory where you downloaded the library Ex d: user/me/proefiles/ptc_manikin_lib

And you should be all set


Thank you for the quick reply.

When I try to go to "Order or Download Software Updates``, I`m told that I do not have Customer Service Access. I don`t know what my customer number is, as I purchased directly from the PTC web store and that information is not provided in any of the emails I have received.


I too have been unable to download the file. Could you provide a link to the set that will work with WF5 Student Edition?



The new manikin library need to be converted into the Academic format so you can access and use these manikins. The internal protection of the manikin create some challenge to complete this process. We are working on the process to convert the manikin but we willnot be able to completeit before the Holidays. Please stay tune for an update.

Thank you for (eventually) following up on this, Eric.

If there are problems with the "internal protection" of the models that prevent them from being used with the student version, why did PTC go ahead and advertise that Manikin was included with these editions? Why does PTC sell products that it cannot deliver?

It seems like PTC has gotten rid all of its software developers and replaced them with a bunch of brainless marketing people. It's my guess that instead of actually testing its products, PTC has everyone doing a "find and replace" on all company documentation to replace 'Pro/Engineer' with 'Creo Elements' and then somehow magically call that a 'new' product. What a joke.

Hello Mark,

The purpose of Creo Elements/Pro Student Editions is to train students to the latest versions of our software, so they appreciate our software and use it later in the industry. This edition is not compatible with the commercial edition. The manikin issue will be fixed in the new builds of Creo ELEMENTS/Pro Student Edition.

For the commercial version of Creo please visit and Creo Community.



I know what student editions are for.

The problem is that PTC advertised that the student editions came with Manikin, yet no one bothered to check if it actually worked. The same thing applies to welding symbols, tables, and who knows what else.

I worry about the future of PTC as a company when its quality conrol is so poor.

Mark, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

All modules from Student Edition work fine. We will do all possible to update the manikin problem in future builds and deliver a quality product for our education clients.

I will send you updates about the fix.



Until the Manikin library will be converted you can download and replace the existing manikin_lite and symbols folders.

These folders are located in the installation folder (C:\Program Files\ProEngineer Student Edition)



Are the Manikin librarys converted yet? And where do i find it? I'm running WF5 pro/creo student edition so I have no access to technical support.


Hi, can someone direct me to the fix files for manikin and also the weld symbols....personelly i think this is very poor that these issues haven't been solved.

i think this is par for the course with PTC though. i have been using both commercial and Student versions for 8-9 yrs and find it amazing they still release versions which seem to have very basic failings.

So, nearly 4 years are gone and the problem still exists? Tried to open the manikin file, creo tells me: unable to use it, because it was created with a commercial version, you only have the student version.

Still not usable in 2020 either :))



The Manikin module is not included in free student editions. This is why it is not working.

It is available in all schools editions, so if needed, you can get the schools edition or the University Plus (purchase available for colleges and universities).




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