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Windchill uses


Windchill uses

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what everyone uses Windchill for. Our team uses Windchill to report reflections, and for file and photo storage. We also use it for notebook uploading and CAD. We do use Windchill for its version management for final documents.





Our organisation uses it for

1.CAD Data management

2.Manuals Management

3.Company Formats and documents

4.Change Documents Management

5.BOM Management



We are attempting to make it our team's Reference library.

  • Storage/Version Control/Collaboration of Creo CAD - very problematic now with Creo/Windchill 10 integration
  • Team Admin items -- Word/Excel/PDFs
  • CAD hand sketches scanned to PDF - stored for required reference to make 3D Creo CAD, etc.
  • Training Manuals
  • Prsentations - powerpoint
  • Photos/Vids

Is there really enough memory space available here for your team to store cad files here?

Storage has not been a problem for Team 1671. We have all our robot designs manged in Windchill since 2009. In addition, we manage all training files as well as multiple prototype/play files.

In addition to Team 1671, we are also using the same project to house data from a couple of other local teams. We use folders to manage Read/Write access for the robot designs of each team's competition robot. We use other folders for standard parts and shared access components (COTS, formats, hardware, etc.). This enables the teams to collaborate and share standard components, but also allows them to retain competitive advantage on their robot designs for the competition.

Our local teams take the concept of "Gracious Professionalism" very seriously. While I'm supposedly their mentor, these students inspire me on a regular basis!

5-Regular Member

Here in Schneider Electric we have several Windchill servers for various purposes.

  • Project Management/file share.
  • Change management.

  • PLM across the company diferent departments as marketing, engineering, manufacturing, production, sales etc.
  • PDM for ProE files with version/revision control (linked to the other PLM system! this is my task.)
  • Electronic file sharing (fax, scans, eprints) to reduce/replace paper use.

We are a big company so it is not easy tho they are doing well so far. I personally think we should go for a cluster/cloud and integrate all services on a single redundant very big system .